Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Here we highlight some of the fun, entertainment and outrageous sports news.

5 Hot Cheerleaders of the Currie Cup

Currie Cup season is almost upon us and apart from exciting rugby there are seriously hot ladies to watch on the field too. The Currie Cup Cheerleaders are fit, sexy and super-hot. Here are 5 beauties to begin with: 1....

10 Hottest Men of the Olympic Games 2016

It’s time that the ladies had some eye-candy and so here at BetXchange Head Quarters the ladies got together and had the tough task of oogling, I mean objectively, looking over many many photos of these physically strong (read...

11 Hottest WAGs of Euro 2016

There are 11 Players in a Soccer team but we thought we'd put together a team of our own for the Euro 2016, one that is far more appealing to the eye, and that is of the 11 Hottest...


15 Fun IPL Cricket Facts

IPL Cricket fever is here and excitement is mounting as fans watch their favourite cricket players take part. Here are the 15 most interesting facts...