Cricket betting spans back to as early as 1660. There is a newspaper article of a “great match played in Sussex” in 1697 which was an 11-a-side and played for high stakes of 50 guineas a side. Evident that cricket betting was rife from the beginning.

Cricket Betting South Africa

Cricket betting is a very popular pastime due to the many nuances that are present in the game and can lead to significant changes in the outcome of each match or innings. By understanding these nuances, a cricket betting enthusiast can enjoy great success in his predictions.

There are a number of cricket test series, local competitions and one day international in taking place, below we briefly highlight some of the best cricket betting action.

South Africa Vs Australia Test Preview

Kingsmead Cricket Ground, Durban (1-5th March) – This stunning, beach-side cricket ground is an odd choice for the first test. South Africa have a surprisingly poor record at Durban. Their last test match was in 2016 when they drew with New Zealand, before that they had lost to England in 2015. Spun out by England’s spinner Ali who recorded match figures of 7-116.

Australia have won their last two matches here by 112 runs in 2006, and 175 runs in 2009. In the history of test matches in this ground, South Africa have won 14, lost 14, and drawn 14. But if you just look at the last 10 matches (12 year span) South Africa have won 3, lost 6 and drawn 1 matches.

Due to the location, Durban is often affected by bad light and is famous for its thunderstorms. With cloudy skies predicted for all five days, and a thunderstorm on Saturday, this match could be a seam bowlers paradise. Morne Morkel should be a handful on this surface, particularly now that we know it will be his last series playing for South Africa.

Verdict: Given South Africa’s poor performance on this ground, and the incredible fast bowlers in Australia, we will go with an Australian victory. Unless the game is affected by bad light and rain delays of course.

Place a Cricket Bet

Cricket betting Tips

Betting Tip 1: Do your Research

Before you place a cricket bet you need to make sure you have done the research. It’s important to consider the oppositions, venue and pitch, current injuries to the side, weather conditions, current players form and recent team forms.  For example Dale Steyns’ test bowling average at home is 20.94 and away it is 23.43. While AB De Villiers batting average against West Indies is an impressive 84 over 13 test matches.  All these factors play a major role in the possible success or defeat of a team and the more you know about the conditions, team and form the more accurate your cricket bet will be.

A great resource for checking on current form is the espncricinfo stat guru ( where you can search player’s averages and recent form over all formats of the game.

Betting Tip 2: Cricket Betting Options

Betting on outright winners might not be where the real money in cricket betting is. It’s probably worth checking out other cricket betting markets such as top batsmen for the series, man of the match, leading wicket takers. In fact there are so many cricket betting options from predicting the number of sixes to the maximum score in the innings even the toss winner can be bet on. If you’re new to cricket betting these types of bets can be a good way to learn.

Betting Tip 3: Bet what you can afford

As with all types of betting it’s important to have a budget in mind. Bet an amount you feel comfortable with and manage your bankroll wisely.  If you are just starting out with cricket betting it is advisable to start off with small cricket bets and increase only when you know more about online betting.

Betting Tip 4: Use only registered online sports betting websites

This may seem very obvious, however there are many fly-by-night online sports betting facilities available that don’t pay out correctly nor have safe transaction facilities and are not registered with their provincial Gambling Board. There are however many reputable online cricket betting websites that offer excellent betting odds and betting markets as well as sign-up bonuses and promotions. Read here for a list of the most reputable online sports betting websites available.

Types of cricket betting

To explain cricket and cricket betting further, let’s have a look at the different forms that cricket can take:

  1. Five day Test Matches usually between international sides and played over a series lasting up to 5 matches.
  2. Fifty overs per side matches, usually between international sides and as part of a tournament such as the World Cup or ICC Trophy.
  3. Twenty overs per side matches, also known as the T20, the Twenty20 Cup, the Champions League Twenty20 or the Big Bash in Australia.
  4. Smaller local matches such as four day matches between provinces or 45 overs per side between provinces.

Cricket betting is quick and easy. There are many cricket betting types such as match winners, best bowler, top batsmen and bettors have the choice to bet on a host of other odds such as wickets, run rates, number of boundaries and so forth.

How to place a cricket bet

Placing a cricket bet online is convenient and easy to do.  Here we have put together a guide on how to place a cricket bet.

Step 1 Go to

Step 2. If you already have an account with BetXchange click Login, if not click Create an account and fill in the correct details.

Step 3. Remember you can only start betting if you have funds in your account, so before you begin, click on My Account and Deposit in order to do so.

Step 4. Once you’re on the Dashboard click either Cricket on the left hand column or under the top navigation bar.

Step 5. You will now be on a page with various options of the Cricket matches and tournaments that you can bet on:
Current Events – these include for example SA vs England 3rd Test and T20 Big Bash matches.
Future and Outright Events – these include for example Australia vs India, Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe and more

Step 6. Let’s say for example you choose New Zealand versus Pakistan T20 under Current Events. You will receive a number of options to bet on, including:

  • Series Draw No bet
  • Outright Winner
  • Top Pakistan Batsman
  • Top New Zealand Batsman
  • Team with Highest Innings Score
  • Series Correct Score
  • Top Pakistan Bowler
  • Top New Zealand Bowler

For this example we have chosen to bet on the Outright Winner. By clicking on this you will be directed to a screen that looks like the following:

Step 7. The current odds for New Zealand to win are 1/3 and for Pakistan to win are 22/10

The three blue buttons on the right hand side are where you place your bets.

  • BET – This is for a single bet (Only one can be chosen per market)
  • MPL – This is for a multiple bet
  • SMPL – This is for a special multiple bet

Step 8. The right hand side drop down menu “View odds as:” is where you are able to choose either decimal or fractional odds. I like to work on fractional odds so have chosen this option.

Step 9. I have chosen New Zealand to win and clicked on single BET. I then entered my bid as R10.00. My betting slip then appears as such:

I have placed a R10 bet and stand to win R3.30 should New Zealand win the match.

Step 10. You then click the blue Submit button and will receive the below notification:

Step 11. Your ticket will now appear in the betting slip, which is where all your bets will appear.


Step 12. All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy the match.

For more information on placing cricket bets, have a read through our Cricket Betting in South Africa as well as some interesting articles about Hot Cricketers Wives.

For cricket betting as well as specialized and comprehensive local and international tennis betting and betting on golf, horse racing, soccer, rugby and motorsport, visit Keith Ho BetXchange for the most competitive prices and the largest sports betting options available in South Africa.


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