The famous Silverstone circuit will see the next F1 race scheduled for this weekend. Lewis Hamilton considers this his backyard and the Mercedes’ driver will no doubt look for a way to add another win to his tally, and defend his home court. However, his teammate Valtteri Bottas has his plans, and the second Silver Arrow is desperate to keep the distance between him and the champ the same or to cut it if possible. There is also Max Verstappen who had a solid race in Hungary, and who wants to spoil the plans of the leaders in the drivers’ competition. As for the pale Ferrari, we are not quite sure what the situation is in the team. Recently it seemed that the Prancing Horse is about to fall apart as a unit, as both drivers tend to be pretty hostile to one another.


Up until the moment, once we started writing this article, several notable situations happened during the official training sessions. The first is that Lance Stroll had a fantastic time and that his Racing Point looked superb on the track.

If, by any chance, he continues to drive at this level, the podium should be close on Sunday. Over the past few weeks, Stroll’s performances and the overall form were going upwards, so it wouldn’t be odd to see this guy making a big result.

Regarding Mercedes, they didn’t try too hard in the initial training sessions, but they were among the best in the final standings. As we said before, this is Hamilton’s home court, and it is expected to see his best performances during the official qualifiers.

The reigning champion is looking fantastic ever since the season started, and it is pretty possible to see him capturing the trophy once again.

The only guy who might be able to stop him is Valtteri Bottas. The Fin publicly stated before the campaign that he wouldn’t be the No.2 driver anymore and that he aims to win the title. Bottas opened the season with a win, but couldn’t earn on more after that.

As for Ferrari, the situation is tragic. The Italian team has problems all over the place, starting with their drivers, as well as with the vehicles. During the first two sessions in England, they had issues with the cooling system It appears that Leclerc gave his maximum only to finish fourth.

Vettel apparently wants to end this year and then to look for another team, but in the meantime, he isn’t very keen on using 100% of his abilities to make some results. He and Leclerc are in some sort of a silent war for quite some time.

And in the end to say a few words about Max Verstappen. The young Dutchman opened the season slow, yet he showed signs of life in the previous races. The one in Hungary was solid for him, and it seems that he still tries to find the rhythm with the vehicle. Red Bull is improving its car form week to week, meaning that Verstappen’s chances for podiums and wins are going up.

Previous Races

The most recent winner here is Hamilton, and over the previous six years, the Brit won five times, with Vettel squeezing in his triumph in 2018.


Betting on Hamilton’s win is very profitable, with the odds set at 1.00 at BetXChange. We really can’t see anyone else threatening the champ in this one, especially in current circumstances. He is the dominant force in Formula One and his victory is our choice for this event.


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