The Mexican Grand Prix will no doubt be an interesting one. After the first training session, we’ve seen that the drivers posted similar results, and according to the majority of experts, we should have an exciting contest at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. Also, some off-track issues might be even more interesting than those who actually take place on the circuit.


Lewis Hamilton is going to win his sixth title. To be honest and direct with you, there is not a rival who can reach him in the current situation. But we’ve seen some frictions in the recent times between him and the Mercedes’ team. There were some sparks between him and Bottas, then he had a bit mild statements regarding the possible arrival of Max Verstappen to the Silver Arrows, and all in all, he doesn’t seem to mind about being polite or “politically correct” as some might say.

He had the fastest time on the track this Friday, but it was just 0.1 seconds ahead of Leclerc and Verstappen.

While we mentioned Leclerc, things in Ferrari are not very good either. Truth to be told, they aren’t good at all, as their two drivers stand against one another now. Vettel feels that the team is siding with his young colleague, while on the other hand, Leclerc isn’t quite happy with the way the ex-champ diminishes his value. Some sources were suggesting that Vettel even considered leaving at the end of the season, which would be a massive setback for the Prancing Horse.

Max Verstappen aims to win this one and regain some of his winning mentality. He already has two wins here in Mexico and seeks the third one. But the recent speculations about him joining Mercedes at the end of the season, made him more aggressive, as if he wants to prove himself worthy of the Silver Arrows, and also to set some relationship with Hamilton. Be sure that once Max becomes Lewis’ teammate, he will be more than eager to dethrone the Brit.

Alexander Albon looked very good these days, and although he is 0.622 behind Hamilton, this guy is getting better and better from each race. And from our point of view, he might be the surprise of the weekend.

Previous races

Max Verstappen won here last year, ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Kimmi Raikkonen. In fact, Max has two straight victories here, as he triumphed in 2017 also. Since 2015 when this race was reestablished, Hamilton and Rosberg won beside the young Dutchman. The most successful driver here is Jim Clark, who won three times.


A lot of things depend on the weather here. At the moment, it is highly unpredictable whether will rain appear on the race day or not. If that happens, all the tactics the teams had prepared will simply become worthless. What is our opinion is that Verstappen should finish among the top 3 drivers regardless of all factors. This track suits him well, and he is motivated a lot. As for the second pick, we would be much riskier and go with Albon to reach the podium in Mexico and finally materialize his solid drives. The Thai-British driver has solid potential, and a vehicle capable of performing solidly on the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. Plus, he gets better and better from week to week, and at some point, he has to explode. This looks like a perfect opportunity for him. The odds at BetXChange are available, and you can find them on this link.


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