The world’s best tennis players will be stepping onto the clay courts  in May to either defend or claim the title of French Grand Slam champion. So with the fun of tennis Betting, who will be the Top Players to bet on? We take a look at some predictions for the Mens French Grand Slam Tennis singles title below:

Who to Bet on at the French Grand Slam

1. Rafael Nadal
When not plagued by injury, Rafael Nadal is a very difficult competitor to overcome. Coming off his near miss at the Australian Open where he lost out to a fellow great, Roger Federer, Nadal will be working hard to clinch his tenth French Grand Slam title. The ‘King of Clay’ has the advantage at this years tournamnet, and with Federer deciding to give this year’s  Open a miss, chances are looking good. His fatigued body might be a hindrance, but his aggressive groundstrokes and overwhelming confidence definitely put this Spaniard in a great position to claim the title again.

Current Betting odds to win: 2/1

2. Andy Murray
Murray was on top of his game a few weeks back but 2017 has not started off well. He lost in the Doha final to Novak Djokovic then tanked in the Australian Open when he came up against Mischa Zverev. But, once again, Federer’s leave of absence might very well play in Murray’s favour, and his recent setbacks might be just the incentive he needs to go all the way at this year’s Open. However, the resurgence of Nadal and the general existence of his rival, Novak Djokovic, means the Scot will still have to find some fight in himself, something Murray is exceptionally good at.

Current  Betting odds to win: 33/10

3. Novak Djokovic
Taking the 2016 French Grad Slam title has eased the ‘must-win’ pressure off this Serbian tennis superstar which, ironically, improves his chances of winning. With Nadal back in play we’re likely to see the rekindling of the unmissable Djokovic-Nadal rivalry that will inspire him to play at his best against the ‘King of Clay’. The second-half of 2016 was somewhat of a struggle although he made a comeback in Doha when he managed to defeat Murray in the final, before being unceremoniously ousted by Denis Istomin in the second round of the Australian Open. A fantastic returner, offensive thinker and all-round great tennis player, Djokovic will certainly put up a fight.

Current Open Betting odds to win: 28/10

4. Stan Wawrinka
A fearless player, Wawrinka is a legitimate championship contender, having taken the title in 2015 and reaching the semi-final last year before being toppled by Andy Murray. Wawrinka may favour hard courts but he also has a great chance on clay. He’s currently the reigning US Open champ, his third major title in three years at three venues. He’s a durable player, even if he lacks consistency, but he still has what it takes to go all the way.

Current Open Betting odds to win: 8/1

5. Wildcard Pick: Milos Raonic
With a massive serve, this Canadian deserves to take his first, well-deserved Grand Slam title that seems to keep eluding him. Having missed a golden opportunity at the Australian Open – both Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray were out – he should come out fighting at this year’s contest.

Current Open Betting odds to win: 40/1

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