Online and offline rugby betting houses are offering fantastic promotions and specials for the Rugby World Cup. We have found a few that are slightly out of the ordinary but fun none-the-less.

Generic-RWCTABS – 1 Punt at a Million

New Zealands famous betting house TAB, ran a promotion where players had to select the winner for each of the 48 matches played in the Rugby World Cup. 47, 724 bettors entered, after South Africa’s upset to Japan on Saturday 19th Sept, only 1 lucky punter was left. The only one who bet that Japan would win over South Africa. Russell Walker is now currently the only punter to be in the running for the $1 million prize.
Registrations closed on the 18th September.

Interbet – Bet Like a Legend

With Interbets, Bet Like a Legend promo, a punter is able to bet with or against the likes of Stefan Terblanche, Butch James, Craig Davidson and others. Sitting at the top of the Leaderboard at the moment is Craig Davidson with 200 pending bets, a profit of R227.22 and a balance of R5006.11. What makes this promotion unique is that all proceeds will go towards SA Rugby Legends Association (SARLA), who promote the development and education of the sport as well as support the needs and interests of Legends.

Keith Ho Betxchange – Rugby Predictor

The Rugby Predictor is a fun game centred on choosing a winner for each match and predicting by how many points they will win. It is very quick and easy as all you have to do is choose options from a dropdown menu. These menus are for “match”, “winner” and “to win by”. You then submit your email address and account number and can play to win a R500 voucher if your prediction of the match winner is correct to the nearest 1 point. Try it here.

Other fun promotions at BetXchange include South Africa For the Win SA #FTW, First Five Promotion, Rugby World Cup Superbru and First Tri Scorer.

Place your rugby bets now on The Rugby World Cup matches and be a part of the fever.

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