Who are the highest paid cricketers in the world? Not only are these guys super talented when it comes to cricket, but they are earning well worth their weight in gold. We take a look at who the current highest paid cricketers in the world are.

1. Sachin Tendulkar – Although retired, Sachin Tendulkar is still one of the most marketable cricketers in the world. Over his 20 year career, his nett worth according to Forbes is said to be at $115 million (that’s over 1 Billion Rand) or $35.2 million per annum. Making him the richest cricketer in the world, past or present.

sachin tendulkar










2. Mahindra Singh (MS) Dhoni – topping our list at number one is the much revered Indian cricketer MS Dhoni. Dhoni’s annual income is said to be around $28.7 million. $5.7 million salary and over $23 million in endorsements. Not only is he the world’s richest actively playing cricketer, he also has a slew of cricket awards, achievements and records under his belt, making him one of the most endorsed Indian cricketers and Indian cricket team Captains of all time.

MS Dhoni








3. Virat Kholi – Hailed as Cricket India’s new generation leader, Virat Kholi comes in second with a total of $24.9 million per annum. The “King of Chasers” earns a cool $18 million from endorsements and $6.9 million as salary. Kholi is currently IPL’s highest paid cricketer. A force to be reckoned with, this fierce and talented young man could be at the top of our list very soon.

Virat Kholi








4. Chris Gayle – With quite a drastic jump to fourth place, Chris Gayle holds this spot with only $7.5 million total. Gayle enjoys only $3 million from sponsors and makes $4.5 million on the various T20 leagues.








5. Shahid Afridi – With a PCB Central contract as well as other T20 leagues, Shahid Afridi earns a cricketing salary of $2.3 million and $4 million on endorsements, totalling his annual figure at $6.3million.

Shahid Afridi








6. Virender Sehwag – With only an IPL contract of $1.8 Million, Virender Sewag makes up his annual income with endorsements to the value of $4 million. He therefore comfortably sits at 6th place with a total of $5.8 million.

Virender Sehwag








7. Shane Watson – Australia’s richest Cricketer, Shane Watson, enjoys an annual income of $5.5 million. $3.5 million cricketing salary and $2million from endorsements.








8. Yuvraj Singh – Yuvraj Singh broke the record as most expensive IPL Players 3 times. He was also named as players of the tournament when India won the 2011 World Cup and the 2007 T20 World Cup. He earns a total of $3.8 million per annum, $1.8 millino on IPL contract and $2 million from endorsements.

yuvraj singh

9. AB de Villiers – South Africa’s golden boy sets the record as highest earning South African cricketer, earning a total of $5.5 million per annum. $3.5 million on IPL and SA Contract and $2 million on sponsorships. De Villiers is part of the elite few that have achieved a 50-plus average in both test and ODI cricket. “Talented” doesn’t even begin to describe this man.

AB de Villiers

10. Michael Clarke – Australian Captain, Michael Clarke who led Australia to their 5th World Cup trophy is the highest paid Australian cricketer. With a total annual income of $2.9 million, made up of $2 million in endorsements and $850,000 in salary.

Michael Clarke

So there you have it, the 10 Richest cricketers in the world.

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