There always seems to be an interest generated around likenesses, particularly when two people look strikingly similar. This is clearly evident in the case of identical twins whose genetic similarity results in a physical resemblance which often makes it difficult to distinguish between the two. This has generated many fictional stories on the screen and in books with twins interchanging lives to create humour or havoc depending on the genre.

This fascination with outer similarities has even spurned the creation of online site ‘Find My Doppelganger’ whereby anyone can post their image in an attempt to find their international ‘twin’ for whatever reason.

For those in the public eye – such as sports’ stars – resemblances with similarly-famed individuals is often sought and found, as is the case with the sportsmen listed below.

1. Phil Mickelson and Hugh Grant
Although not quite as dashing as his English actor counterpart, American golfer, Phil Mickelson does possess that charming, ‘aw shucks’ look that is so often associated with Hugh Grant. This resemblance seems to emerge particularly when the two are smiling, with the trademark dimples, and downward sloping grey/green eyes that make for an attractive combination.

Phil Mickelson and Hugh Grant

2. Wayne Rooney, Shrek and Flea
Certainly no oil painting, the English footballer has been compared to many unsightly images but one that earned him the nickname is his similarity to the lovable green ogre, Shrek. The close-set eyes, large ears, bulbous nose and all-round confused look seems to resonate with the fictional character. However, a more favourable likeness has linked the Manchester United player with mega rock star bass guitarist, Flea, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The wide foreheads, similarly shaped ears, noses and mouths have seen them compared on more than one occasion.

Wayne Rooney, Shrek

Wayne Rooney and Flea

3. Percy Montgomery and Prince Charming
Taking a page from Rooney’s book is former South African fullback, Percy Montgomery. The golden haired, blue-eyed boy – who participated in obtaining South Africa’s second World Cup victory – bears an interesting resemblance to the fictional prince who tries to win Fiona’s hand in marriage in the film, Shrek. The flowing locks, parted in the middle, cheesy grin and prancing demeanour resonate with the self-loving prince.

Percy Montgomery and Prince Charming

4. Roger Federer and Quentin Tarantino
Both leaders in their respective industries, Swiss tennis legend, Roger Federer and the Hollywood director who’s killed off more characters than Shakespeare – Quentin Tarantino – share nothing in common besides their facial likenesses. The dark features, deep-set eyes and charismatic, thin-lipped mouths which transform so seamlessly from smile to snarl connect these two from court to camera.

Roger Federer and Quentin Tarantino

5. Herschelle Gibbs and Pitbull
The bald head, hint of obnoxious facial hair, similar skin tone and build as well as air of arrogance make the former South African batsman, Herschelle Gibbs, and American rapper, Pitbull, appear as if they were separated at birth. The similarities are particularly exaggerated when the two are wearing their trademark sunglasses.

Herschelle Gibbs and Pitbull

6. Michael Phelps and John Krasinski
A man who has become synonymous with swimming excellence and the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, does share a number of physical characteristics with fellow countryman, John Krasinski, an actor most well-known for his role in the American re-make of The Office. Although they’re not exactly ‘separated at birth’, the two have similarly skew smiles and an open, fresh-faced, youthful look that seems to win over hearts on screen and in the water.

Michael Phelps and John Krasinski

7. Mesut Ozil and Enzo Ferrari
Undoubtedly both extremely wealthy and successful in their respective fields, German footballer Mesut Ozil and the late Enzo Ferrari share a striking resemblance. The two have similar olive skin tones, dark hair, similar mouths and, most notably, fairly bulging round eyes. Some have gone so far as to express a belief that Ozil is in fact a reincarnation of the legendary driver as, quite uncannily, Ferrari died in 1988, the year that Ozil was born.

Mesut Ozil and Enzo Ferrari


8. Andy Murray and Andrew Garfield
Besides sharing a first name and a link to the United Kingdom, Scottish tennis pro, Andy Murray and British-American actor, Andrew Garfield, have more than a passing resemblance. The head shape, furrowed brows, thin nose and smiles are all on par however, while Murray focuses on his next championship title, Garfield will carry on seeking that BAFTA.

Andy Murray and Andrew Garfield