In South Africa horse race betting has been around for years and is one of the most popular sports to bet on.  Horse race betting is relatively simple and in its simplest form you place a wager on a horse and then watch the outcome of the race.  Below we have put together a simple horse race betting guide.

Step by step guide on placing a horse racing bet online

1. Go to

2. If you already have an account with BetXchange click Login, if not click Register an account and fill in the correct details.

3. Remember you can only start betting if you have funds in your account, so before you begin Click on My Account and Deposit in order to do so.

4. Once on the dashboard of the site, click on Horse Racing Betting. You will now be on a page that gives you the options of Betting on either Today’s Events, Current Events or Future and Outright Events. As below:


5. I am going to choosing to bet on Future and Outright Events – Summer Cup – Sansui Summer Cup. You will then land on the following screen:


6. For this Horse Racing event you are able to choose which meeting you want to bet on, either Fairview Track, Greyville, Kenilworth, Vaal or Vaal sand. I have chosen Fairview Turftrack. Beneath this you will see horse race times starting with 13:25. These are the different race times taking place on the day. For each time you will have the option of either Full Card, Head to Head, Odds and Evens or 6 Places. For this example I have chosen 13:25 and I have also chosen to view the odds as fractional, which looks like this:

7. I am now going to place my horse racing bet. I am going to bet on Power King to win. This bet can either be to Win the race or to Place in the race. Power King has current odds of 10/1, previous odds of 8/1, opening odds of 10/1 and odds of 22/10 to place. Power King won the Durban July earlier this year so should be a strong contender for the Sansui Summer Cup.

I am going to place a single bet of R10. Should my horse win, I will win R100, therefore making a R90 profit. The three blue buttons on the right hand side are where you place your bets.

BET – This is for a single bet (Only one can be chosen per market)
MPL – This is for a multiple bet
SMPL – This is for a special multiple bet

8. My betting slip on the right hand side of the screen looks as follows:


9.  By clicking on the submit button, I receive the following confirmation:


10. I am now able to view any bets I have placed in the bet slip which appears on the right hand side of the screen.


11.  Now all you have to do is relax and watch the races, or place another bet in order to cover your bases. Should your bet be correct, the money will be paid into your BetXchange account.

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