There is no doubt that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a highly entertaining spectator sport, with the head kicks, flying knees and devastating punches designed to keep opponents down and audiences hooked. But some of the most memorable moments in MMA come from the final knockout blow that ends it all for the losing competitor. Here are some of the best MMA knockouts of all time.

6 of the Best MMA Knockouts

1. Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo

The start of the Irish MMA legend began with serious knockout blow that landed Conor McGregor the featherweight championship title. ‘The Notorious’ made his mark both inside and outside the cage with his larger than life personality and incredible energy that pushed him into the limelight. However, one fighter who was not impressed by McGregor’s newfound fame was then featherweight champion, Jose Aldo. McGregor defeated Chad Mendes by TKO to claim the interim featherweight title after Aldo pulled out. Aldo was particularly peeved as he was the only ever featherweight Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC), with a 25-1 professional record and 7-0 UFC record. But McGregor proved he was more than just show when they went head-to-head with both men throwing simultaneous punches, both landing, but McGregor’s had much more meat. Aldo was out cold before The Notorious’ hammer fists landed.


2. Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping

His MMA career has spanned from 1998 across all weight classes from welterweight to heavyweight clocking a 32-15 professional record with that famous right fist – AKA the H-bomb – knocking out 16 opponents. One of these was rising middleweight contender, Michael Bisping, a former Cage Warriors champion at light heavyweight whose eyes were on that middleweight title. This was not to be after Bisping was at the receiving end of the H-bomb and then, quite unnecessarily, Hendo’s elbow as well. Lesson learnt.


3. Rich Franklin vs Nate Quarry

Quarry was schooled by former high school maths teacher, Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin, in the art of MMA during a fight for the middleweight title. Quarry was on a four-fight winning streaking when he entered the cage with Ace, banking on his renowned finishing skills that had seen Pete Sell knocked out in 42 seconds. Ace was dominating the fight and, after the initial rounds, he backed Quarry into a cage, faked a right and then landed the knockout left. Quarry remained on the ground for quite a while before the ref stepped in.


4. Rashad Evans vs Chuck Liddell

It took only one punch for Rashad Evans to drop former UFC light heavyweight champion, Chuck Liddell. Evans went into the fight with Liddell holding a professional record of 11-0 with a record of four knockouts. But Liddell still had the edge, with a professional record of 21-5, the UFC light heavyweight title for more than a year and 13 knockouts. With only two minutes left of the second round, Evans was backed up against the cage when Liddell threw an uppercut that was returned with a well-placed right hand. Liddell dropped and Evans was victorious.


5. Tyron Woodley vs Josh Koscheck

Boasting a professional record of 17-3 with six winning knockouts and the UFC welterweight championship title, Woodley was looking good. Unfortunately, Josh Koscheck was not. He was on a two-fight losing streak when he entered the cage with Woodley and continued that downward spiral when Woodley hit him with a right hook. Koscheck dropped into squatting position, seemingly unconscious, but Woodely threw two more punches in for good measure, earning him the Knockout of the Night award.


6. Anthony Johnson vs Glover Teixeria

Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson proved his might in a teeth-knockout blow against Teixeria only 13 seconds into the fight. Rumble had fought in every weight class and held a record of 22-6 with 16 fights ending in a knockout. Texeira is a long-term MMA veteran with a record 26-5 and 15 knockout wins. But this didn’t mean anything when he entered the octagon with Johnson who brought out an uppercut that parted Teixeria with his hopes of winning. And his teeth.


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