For soccer betting enthusiasts around the world, there is no more exciting time than the English Premiership. This year has hailed the mother of all surprises as Leicester City currently resides top of the log.

English Premiership Betting Odds

Arsenal and Manchester City who have merely been scraping by and will face Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspurs respectively this weekend were firm favourites at the start but have yet to prove themselves as title holders.

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For the first time in a generation, Tottenham has a real possibility of winning the title, and they are showing the kind of form that may just boost them from zero to hero. The team from north London has clambered into second place, five points behind Leicester City and only just ahead of Arsenal on goal difference, with 13 matches left. Not since 1985 have Spurs been this high on the log this late in the season.

Aston Villa have a very strong chance of winning their game against Liverpool on Sunday as they face a team who have just been beaten in the FA Cup as well as the stress of the Europa League which is their only chance of qualifying for the Champions League. Liverpool have been poor when defending set plays and that is where Aston Villa seems to be a threat.

Current soccer betting odds for the weekend:

  • Tottenham Hotspurs betting odds of 5/2 to win against Manchester City with betting odds of 11/10. A draw has odds of 5/2
  • Leicester City betting odds of 38/10 to win against Arsenal with betting odds of 7/10 to win.
  • A draw has odds of 3/1
  • Aston Villa betting odds of 37/10 to win against Liverpool with betting odds of 8/10 to win.
  • Sunderland betting odds of 4/1 to win against Manchester United with betting odds of 15/20 to win.
  • Crystal Palace betting odds of 12/10 to win against Watford with betting odds of 26/10 to win.
  • Bournemouth betting odds of 21/20 to win against Stoke City with betting odds of 3/1 to win.
  • Everton betting odds of 5/10 to win against West Bromwich Albion with betting odds of 6/1 to win.
  • Norwich City betting odds of 29/20 to win against West Ham United with betting odds of 21/10 to win.
  • Swansea City betting odds of 22/10 to win against Southampton with betting odds of 29/20 to win.
  • Chelsea betting odds of 9/20 to win against New Castle United with betting odds of 6/1 to win.

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