The J&B Met will come out in full colour tomorrow 30th January 2016. Place your horse racing bets today to ensure you secure the best odds.

Horse Betting: J&B Met

The most popular horserace betting options (amongst others) include:

FULL CARD – Have a chance at betting on all the races from race one to twelve. In full card you have a variety of options to bet on including overall winner, placed, open win or open place.

EXOTICS  – Exotics are special bets including Leading Favourite vs. Field 1, Top 3 vs. Field 2, Winning Sex 4, Winning Trainer 5 and winning margin 3.

ODDS AND EVENS  – Bet on an odd or even number to win race 1 to 12.

J&B MET ALTERNATE PLACES – Choose from a variety of alternate placing’s for each horse and each race.

There are many more exciting online betting options to choose from.

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Visit today and place your online horseracing bets for the J&B Met 2016.

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