Floyd “Money” Mayweather is pound for pound, the greatest boxer who ever lived. At least, that’s the way he see’s it. And it’s hard to argue with the man. His record speaks for itself (48-0 with 24 knockouts)

Given his incredible status in the sport, Floyd was given the chance to pick his final opponent after his win over Pacquiao. He chose Andre Berto, a young, strong fighter who knows defeating Mayweather would be by far the greatest achievement is his career, and a worldwide upset. That, however, is a big if. And the young bull knows he faces the toughest fight of his life against the undefeated Mayweather.

Mayweather vs Berto Betting

Some parties have been critical of Mayweather for choosing such a young and inexperienced opponent, Mayweather could argue he’s simply beaten everyone else. If Betro needed any motivation for this fight, he should see the bookmakers’ odds (Berto 16/1). Floyd the overwhelming favorite, almost a guaranteed bet.

However Betro isn’t the spring chicken the media seems to be portraying him as. He’s a highly motivated and physical former world champion who’s been victorious in 30 of his 33 matches. Come September the 12th, Andre Berto stands as much as a chance as the 48 before him did, he just needs to make sure his mental preparation is at its peak.


It does look as though Floyd will dispatch of the young bull with relative ease and ride off into the sunset at a record breaking 49-0. Floyd and his team knows not to live on assumption though, one can think back to 1978 where Leon Spinks defeated Muhammad Ali, 1990 where Buster Douglas knocked Tyson out or in 2001 when Hasim Rahman stunned the world by knocking Lennox Lewis out cold. A boxer knows every fight presents its own challenges both physically and mentally, but you’d be a fool to assume just because Mayweather is, well, Mayweather, he’ll go into this one unprepared.

It’s billed as the last fight of boxing’s greatest ever champion, and you can bet Floyd will want nothing more than to leave on top. A solid showing against Andre Berto, and you’d be hard pressed to deny that Money Mayweather is the greatest of all time.