Here are 10 Olympic Games Fun Facts that you should know:

Olympic Games Facts

0. The number of shoes Ethiopian athlete Abebe Bikila wore while he ran the Olympic marathon in the 1960 Rome Olympics. Yes, he ran the entire way barefoot and won gold.

abebe bikila running barefoot


0. The number of clothes the ancient Greek Olympians wore. Yes that’s right the ancient Greeks competed in the nude and only men were allowed to take part. The word Gymnast comes from the Greek word gymnos which means naked.



3. The number of times the Olympic Games have been cancelled. These were the 1916 Summer Olympics in Berlin because of WWI and the 1940 Summer Olympics in Helsinki and 1944 Summer Olympics in London because of WWII.



5. The number of countries that have had representatives at every single Olympic Games. These countries are Greece, Australia, France, Great Britain and Switzerland.

6. The number of US cities that bid for the 1956 Olympic Games. However they all lost and Melbourne ended up winning.

10. This was the age of the youngest athlete ever to take part in the Olympic Games and that was Dimitrios Loundras who won a bronze medal for Gymnastics in the 1896 Olympic Games.

Dimitrios Loundras


10. The score that Romania’s Nadia Comaneci was awarded in Montreal in 1976 for the uneven bars in gymnastics. This was the first time in history that a perfect 10 was awarded.

nadia comanecci


17. The number of countries in which the song Hand in Hand topped the music charts. This song was the official Olympic anthem of the Seoul Olympic Games.

Seoul olympic song hand in hand


72. The age of the oldest participant in the Olympic Games. This title belongs to Oscar Swahn, a Swedish shooting expert. Swahn first won an Olympic medal when he was 60 and carried on competing for more.

Oscar Swahn


1984. The year that China won its first Olympic gold medal ever. This was done by shooter Xu Haifeng who is still celebrated as a legend in China.

Xu Haifeng

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