Online sports betting in SA is proving to be increasingly popular because of the convenience and improved access to Internet that the country is experiencing. The wide variety of sites, as well as various sporting options, means that there is always an exciting sporting event to bet on, 24 hours a day.

Online Sports Betting in SA Legalities

There seems to be some confusion regarding online sports betting in SA’s legality but it is legal in all nine of South Africa’s provinces, each of which has its own gambling and racing board. To ensure the online sports betting site is legal, however, bookmakers must be licenced with one of these boards, the biggest of which is currently in the Western Cape which has 32 licensed online bookmakers. Although winnings are not taxed for online sports betting, there is a 6% tax in form of VAT on all horse race winnings.

While betting on sports, including horse racing, is legal online, betting on poker and casino games remains illegal. The National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008 attempted to legalise interactive gambling and prepare provisions for the regulation of the market, however, the Act has not come into effect as yet. In fact, any casino sites, internet service providers or banks that process payments for interactive gambling are subject to a fine of R10 million or 10 years in prison. Despite many countries targeting betting providers for illegal gambling, South African gambling laws target bettors and providers.

The Safety of Online Sports Betting in SA

While there are often concerns about the safety of transferring money online, using reputable online sports betting sites means there is no need to worry. People are also often apprehensive about the complexity of online sports betting in SA, however, sites are geared towards user-friendliness and opening an account is straightforward and quick. Once set up, online sports betting is simply a click away, day or night with many sites offering easy account setups from PC or smartphones.

Live Online Sports Betting in SA

To add more excitement to online sports betting, there is also the option of ‘live betting’ whereby you bet on games that have already started. The benefit of this is being able to get a feel for how things are going before placing your wager. In addition, the odds offered online are often better, and also differ from site to site, allowing you competitive advantage.

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Online betting sites offer a range of betting opportunities from mainstream to outlying sporting events, providing endless gambling opportunities. Although horseracing is still the most popular sporting event for gamblers, there is an increase in interest in soccer, rugby, golf, boxing, tennis cricket and motorsports particularly during high-profile events such as Super Rugby, Currie Cup and ABSA premiership. And betting online isn’t limited to local games, South African also enjoy betting on major international games such as the UEFA Premiership and major golfing tournaments.

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Whatever your site choice, it is evident that online sports’ betting in SA is gaining momentum because of its convenience, ease of use and mostly, the fun involved in playing the game of chance!