We’ve done the hard work in finding you the best sites out there to give you new angles of great information, insight and analysis to help you with those all too important football bets!

The best sites for soccer betting tips

Accessed via www.whoscored.com , Who Scored is a fantastic footballing resource for betting enthusiasts, and one of our favourites for its tremendous statistical depth and insight into footballing issues. Here’s our highlights for why this site needs to be one of those on top of your list when planning your next footballing bet.

1 – For match results, (nearly) every stat you can think of

Click on any typical fixture within some of Europe’s major leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga or the Champions League and you’ll find a wealth of depth in Who Scored’s comprehensive match centre. All the basic numbers are there like attempts, passes, player average position and so forth, but it is in the Who Scored match centre that the true potential of its detail becomes most delightful to football enthusiasts.

Figure 1: Situation Report, Passing from Man City’s 4-1 win over Tottenham.

The Match Centre enables to examine a detailed count of nearly all descriptive statistics of relevance for analysis. Want to know how many touches were achieved, by player? Perhaps you’re interested in the number of dribbles attempted, and the success rate of those dribbles. Or how many times a player was dispossessed. Or how many shots occurred inside the penalty area, as opposed to outside the box. A myriad of statistics, overall for the teams or specific to individual players, are available for review and consideration.

Figure 2: The Match Centre view offers a detailed dashboard of every minute match detail.


Why this is useful: Depending on how detailed you want to be, stats like these give clues to a team’s playing style, strengths and weaknesses, which can inform various elements for future fixtures, such as likelihood of certain players scoring, the chances of one (or both) teams scoring and the overall result.

2 – For upcoming fixtures, key numbers of interest and insightful commentary

Match previews in Who Scored are also comprehensive tools, offering the football betting enthusiast a variety of interesting components to guide betting choices. An obvious starting point is the historical head to head record between the 2 teams, which can also be viewed based on the last few home or away team’s hosting of the fixture. In addition, Who Scored also provides a view of each team’s general form across all competitions, and specific to league fixtures.

Figure 3: A sample of recent matches between Arsenal and Liverpool, with an overall, home and away team view.

One of the most useful upcoming fixture features Who Scored provides is the Probable Lineups view, which not only gives an indication of each team’s projected XI for the match (based on team news, injury and suspension updates, and so forth), but also a tactical view from an expected formation perspective and a brief comparison of pivotal numbers such as shots, aerial duel success and tackles.

Figure 4: Who Scored’s predicted lineups can go some way to helping predict results too.

The other intriguing feature Who Scored provides is an assessment of each team’s characteristics. This view seeks to give an insight into each side’s strengths and weaknesses and playing style and uses this to inform a view of potential match incidents in a “Match Forecast”. This view is especially useful for the tacticians out there who try to anticipate tactical concerns to inform bets. Goal Scoring statistics are especially useful as well, as they give an indication to the trends around a team’s timing of goals conceded and scored.

Why this is useful: Upcoming fixtures are often highly dictated on issues of team selection, formation, goal scoring and defensive history, recent form and head to head history. Who Scored provides a very healthy of all these components, assisting with betting choices for goals scored, goal scorers, and the overall result.

3 – For players, a customizable view of their offensive and defensive output

Who Scored’s comprehensive match data extends further into its player data, which is a comprehensive library of player history for seasons past and present. The site allows a view of a player’s various offensive and defensive contributions, with not just the usual metrics of goals scored, assists and so forth, but additional ones to provide considerably more analytical insight. For example, a quick view of Mohamed Salah’s goalscoring record shows that Liverpool have only lost 1 of the 11 league games where the Egyptian forward has scored. Of his 14 league goals, only 6 have come in the 2nd half of games, suggesting an interest possible trend between a goal from Salah in the 1st half of Liverpool games and the likely outcome come the end of the match.

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Figure 5: Player profiles all have a detailed dashboard allowing deeper analysis of players’ current output.

Another crucial view that player statistics can illustrate is regarding battles for the top scorer crown. Who Scored’s analysis engine is especially useful in isolating the impact of penalties on a striker’s goal return, giving an indication of how likely they are to maintain their form in any race for the Golden Boot based on a far less predictable source of goals. For example, tipping Sergio Aguero for the Golden Boot may be a mixed bet given that already nearly half of his goals have come from the less predictable 3 penalties he’s had a chance to convert.

Figure 6: Comparative tables are amongst the best in Who Scored, giving a great tabular view of different players.

The table above, in fact, presents a fantastic live case example to try and solve the Golden Boot conundrum and how best to amend a tip for the outright winner. Salah may appear an obvious choice, given his importance to Liverpool (so more often than not, he’ll play), his tendency not to need penalties to keep his goals up, but one factor that could affect him is his fitness, given how fortunate Liverpool have been to have already gotten a full load of all league and Champions League games out of him. Harry Kane could be a superb pick as well, given that he seems to score even if Spurs don’t necessarily win the respective match. The wildcards could be Sterling, due to how much competition he has for rotation at Manchester City, or Lukaku, who is top scorer in a team that appears goal shy despite the talent available to it. Either way, the numbers tell a story. 

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Why this is useful: Detailed player statistics, particularly in terms of how they affect crucial match outcomes, such as goals scored and timing of goals or longer-term bets such as outright top scorers, become useful tools to dissect and understand the nuances and trends that affect such betting. Who Scored’s player data is detailed enough to contribute considerably valuable insight to any football enthusiast looking to embark on some interesting choices at betting time.

There’s still loads more within Who Scored that is of interest in betting concerns, so go ahead and visit www.whoscored.com and explore the site. Keep an eye out for future articles on BetXChange giving suggestions on other great resources to consult!


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