The 8th Rugby World Cup is taking place in England and Cardiff this year, with the first game kicking off on the 18th September at Twickenham. Rugby World Cup Betting enthusiasts have been watching their teams closely over the last few seasons to ensure that they know who to bet on given a current teams players, form and previous wins. You may be interested in reading more about the History of Betting at the Rugby World Cup for more noteworthy facts and figures.


Rugby World Cup Betting

There are a few different Rugby World Cup betting markets and areas you can bet on, depending on which bookmaker you choose, we have highlighted the most popular ones below:

Outright Winner – As the name suggests outright rugby bets are those placed on the winner of a particular rugby match, tournament or outcome. During the Rugby World Cup this can include betting on the overall Rugby World Cup 2015 winner. For example, New Zealand currently has betting odds of 11/8 for winning the Rugby World Cup. All outright bets are settled based on the final outcome.

Team to Reach Semi-Finals, Quarter Finals or Finals –In Rugby World Cup betting this means that you place your bets on the team you believe will reach a certain stage in the tournament. For example; Englands Rugby World Cup betting odds are currently 6/4 to reach the finals and Irelands Rugby World Cup betting odds of reaching the semi-finals are currently 4/7 with a few popular bookmakers.

Betting Withouts – Short for Betting Without the Favourite, this Rugby World Cup betting market means that if your favoured team is not the favourite to win, you can still get a good price for your chosen team in the Betting Withouts market. For example if your favoured team is South Africa, Betting Without New Zealand would give South Africa 4/1 Rugby World Cup betting odds. As opposed to with New Zealand playing where South Africa has 5/1 Rugby World Cup betting odds.

Winning Hemisphere – In this Rugby World Cup betting market you are backing either the northern or southern hemisphere to win. For example currently the southern hemisphere which consists of countries such as New Zealand, South Africa and Australia has betting odds in some cases of 2/5 where the northern hemisphere has betting odds of 7/4 at the same bookmaker.

Six Nations Team to Win? – Will the winner of the Rugby World Cup be a 6 Nations Team? This Rugby World Cup Betting Market places betting odds on either England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland or Wales to win the Rugby World Cup. Popular Rugby World Cup Betting odds are currently 13/8 in favour of this.

Name the Finalists – this Rugby World Cup betting market allows a bet to be placed on a combination of 2 teams to be in the finals together. For example the odds on the final being New Zealand versus Australia are 8/1 and the odds of a New Zealand/ Ireland final are currently 7/1.

The types of Rugby World Cup betting markets available as well as the specific betting odds given are dependent on which bookmaker you are utilising.

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