Valencia has an impossible task of erasing a three-goal deficit from the first leg played against Atalanta. Yet, never say never when talking about the Champions League. Meanwhile, Tottenham and Jose Mourinho also have a pretty darn challenge ahead of themselves. The Spurs will have to defeat Red Bull in Leipzig to advance to the next stage. And that too looks pretty unrealistic at the moment.


Valencia vs. Atalanta

Apart from the fact that they have to chase 1-4 from the first game, Valencia has a lot of problems with the lineup, as several players might skip this event. For now, Garay, Gomez, and Mangala are certain, as well as Gabriel, who is suspended. The Bats recorded three wins and a draw in the last four events at home, and in three of them, the Spanish side netted at least twice. Now, they would have to go above that in order to eliminate Atalanta. Overall, this side has just one triumph in the most recent five games across all the competitions.

As for Atalanta, Gian Piero Gasperini’s side plays the most attractive football in Serie A, and probably entire Europe. Right now, they have five wins and a draw in six last games, and during that stretch, they scored 24 times. For example, they’ve trashed Torino on the road with 0-7. In their previous event, Atalanta won 2-7 in Lecce. What is also positive for this team is their freshness, as they didn’t play competitive matches in the last eight days due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Our prediction here will be about goals, as we think that Over 2.5 fits this situation perfectly. Valencia needs to be open and offensive-minded, and on the other side, Atalanta simply craves for these types of games. The odds at BetXChange are 0.41.

Red Bull Leipzig vs. Tottenham

The Bulls didn’t lose at home in 11 straight games. However, they did post some draws during that stretch, which could be regarded as massive failures. When talking about draws, they currently have two in a row, and both of them were a massive blow to their Bundesliga title race. The morale is not at a high level, particularly after 0-0 in Wolfsburg. Having in mind that this team doesn’t have experience in dealing with these types of situations, this might be tricky territory for them.

We’ve stated that the atmosphere in RB’s locker room is not good. Now, imagine what is like in Spurs’. After four straight defeats, Tottenham played 1-1 in Burnley. Now, that wouldn’t be regarded as a failure in normal circumstances, but right now, the club from North London is experiencing all sorts of problems, and a win is what they need. They haven’t kept a clean sheet in seven straight games, which is unbelievable once talking about a team coached by Mourinho. We all know his tactics and style of play, and for the moment, Tottenham is something completely different.

Even though some expect an easy task for RB this Wednesday, we don’t agree with it. They’ve shown some weaknesses and are vulnerable at the moment. Because of all this, we won’t recommend betting on anything besides goals. Likeways, in the first section of the article, Over 2.5 goals will be the pick here too. BetXChange offers 0.71 on this suggestion.


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