UEFA’s Champions League Round of 16 will begin with first legs on February 16-17 and February 23-24 and conclude with the return legs on March 8-9 and March 15-16. The match draws took place on Monday with interesting results.

Champions League Betting

Chelsea, with current betting odds of 20/1 and Arsenal with current betting odds of 40/1 to win are more than likely disappointed in their pickings of playing against Paris Saint-Germain (betting odds of 14/1) and Barcelona (betting odds of 5/2) respectively. Soccer betting fans are sure to remember the Blues defeat against Paris Saint-Germain that knocked them out of the Champions Last 16, last season. Betting odds will be even longer for Arsenal to beat defending champions, Barcelona.

Soccer betting fans however have their eye on Manchester City (current odds of 10/1 to win) who lucked out and chose Dynamo Kiev, the Runner-Up to Chelsea in Group G.

Matchups drawn are as follows:
Gent versus Wolfsburg
Roma versus Real Madrid
Paris versus Chelsea
Arsenal versus Barcelona
Juventus versus Bayern
PSV versus Atletico
Benfica versus Zenit
Dynamo Kiev versus Manchester City


Top Goal scorer
Opportunities to bet on Top Goal Scorers at the Round of 16 are also available with Christiano Ronaldo first on the list with current odds of 1/6, Robert Lewandowski with 6/1, Luis Suarez with 16/1 and Lionel Messi with 16/1 currently.

Further betting opportunities include the chances per team of reaching the quarter final, Yes or No in an Outright Bet as well as the Winning Nation Outright Champion bet. Currently England has odds of 5/1, Germany has odds of 5/2, Spain has odds of 8/10, France has odds of 14/1, Italy 25/1, Russia 45/1, Portugal 91/1 and any other nation 25/1.

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