The UFC 244 is often called the battle for the BMF title. We all know what BMF means, so we aren’t going to write it here. Also, the clash between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz will be between two guys who are among the most favorite persons in the entire MMA world. It is needless to say anything about their fan base, and even those who don’t like them, have enormous respect. One more thing. Unlike the majority of the rivalries in UFC, this one includes respect between the fighter. A real “gangsta” respect.


Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal (34-13 MMA, 11-6 UFC), is back in the saddle again, even though many believed that he would never be a headliner after his defeats against Demian Maia and Stephen Tompson. Both of them came via split decision and were very motivational for the Gamebred. He decided against lamenting over his losses, but instead shifted into a higher gear and started making up for those failures. The first win, which broke this two-match negative stretch, was against Darren Till, whom he knocked out in London, with a vicious left hook. After that came the memorable flying-knee stunner which sent Ben Aksred to the la-la land. It was the quickest and most ruthless knockout over the recent few years. So, yea, we can say that Masvidal comes into this fight hyped and ready to face Diaz.

After UFC 202 and three years of absence, Nate Diaz (20-11 MMA, 15-9 UFC) decided to come back into the ring and share his skills with the world. One of the greatest showmen in and most recognizable UFC faces ever is ready to shake up the MMA world once again. His victory via unanimous decision against Anthony Pettis at UFC 241 showed that despite being absent from the action for a while, he didn’t seem too rusty. According to his own words, he is feeling better than ever, and is ready to come back into the game and to make a huge noise.

Both of these guys have an extremely strong ching and can take a lot of punches, without being shaken. Their records prove that as both Masvidal and Diaz had 5 losses by submission or knockout combined, while 10 came via decision. So have this on your mind while placing a bet. We will, for sure.


This is going to be a clash between two goys who are plain old street fighters and who like to get into an exchange, which could be devastating for either side. But the stamina and ability to receive massive strikes is maybe their biggest plus when looking at the overall factors which make a difference in the ring, although we need to say that Diaz has better submission techniques than Gamebred. But in this fight, that doesn’t have to mean anything, because we probably won’t see too much of a grappling here. The gangsta attitude these guys have won’t allow them to finish this bout in any other way than standing on their feet. As for the betting pick, the safest one from our point of view would be betting on a decision to take place in New York. But when we have to choose, we side with Masvidal in this one. For sure, he is in better shape than Diaz, who had just one fight before challenging his rival. BetXChange odds on Masvidal are at 0.60.


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