South America’s most prestigious football tournament takes place in June this year;  the COPA America Centenario. This year the tournament is being played in the USA, the first time it is not being held in South America, but the fans are just as passionate and the atmosphere just as electric as previous years.


So who are the players and teams to watch and place your bets on this year? We take a look at a few below:

Top Players to Bet on

Phillipe Coutinho playing for Brazil, Luis Suarez playing for Uruguay as well as Javier Mascherano and Lionel Messi playing for Argentina are just some of the players to keep an eye on at the COPA. There is some serious talent on the field this year whether it is amongst the strikers such as Sergio Aguero, forwards such as Alexis Sanchez or the ruthless goal scorers such as Gonzalo Higuain and Edinson Cavani, the COPA America Centenario is bound to make heroes this year and keep soccer betting fans on the edge of their seats.

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Top Teams to Bet on

Argentina seem to be the favourites this year and it’s no surprise as some of their star players include the likes of Higuain, Messi, Di Maria and Aguero who make up their lethal attacking team. It has however been 24 years since Argentina lifted the trophy for a major event. Following closely on their heels are Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and Chile who can all deliver an astounding performance given the right conditions and players. Chile come back fighting as last year’s winners but they have lost both Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal which could spell their failure disaster for them. With Luis Suarez as their captain, Uruguay have a stack of confidence behind them, but will it be enough to repeat their COPA win in 2011?

Current COPA America Centario betting odds:
Argentina to win 18/10
Mexico to win 5/1
Columbia to win 6/1
Brazil to win 7/1
Chile to win 15/2

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