Online Betting has become an incredibly popular way to bet on sports and events from the comfort of your own home. It is private as well as quick and easy to use and therefore is often the preferred method of placing bets. Below we have a look at all you need to know about online betting.

Online Betting South Africa

Online betting is legal in South Africa and there are a number of online betting websites to choose from. In order for an online betting website to be legitimate and legal to use, they need to be registered with the Gambling Board in their province. This information can usually be found at the bottom of each webpage or in the terms and conditions. Read more about the Online Betting Sports Betting in South Africa here. The online betting software offered on South African websites rivals that of its international counterparts. The ease of use, safety and payout speed is generally very good depending on which online bookmaker you choose.

Online Betting Bonuses

For those that are unfamiliar with online betting bonuses, they are simply additional money added to your account for signing up or taking part in certain promotions. Why do online betting websites offer bonuses? Due to the number of online betting websites available, many see the bonus amount as a differentiating factor. Online betting websites offer these in order to attract customers and keep their current customers happy. If you are given a bonus for signing up or placing deposits, you are more than likely going to stick with that website to place future bets on. Online Betting sites therefore work on this premise and believe that by giving away free money they are able to retain regular customers. There are sometimes specific terms and conditions attached to receiving bonuses, such as having to spend a certain amount to receive the bonus, however in general they really are free money to play with.

Online Betting Promotions

Much like online betting bonuses, online betting promotions are used to keep current customers happy and involved as well as entice new customers to place bets. Online betting promotions include things such as “Top Batsman Basher, “First Five Promotions”, “Double your winnings” promotions and more. Each of these promotions will have specific requirements. For example, here is a First Five Promotion; “The stake of your first 5 losing Euroleague bets will be added together and divided by 5. This average amount will be credited to your account. This promotion will only apply to betting slips that contain only EUROLEAGUE matches or exotics. To qualify for this promotion your account needs to be showing a net loss (after your first 5 losing bets) that is at least equal to the amount that is to be credited to your account. If your account shows a net loss that is less than the average stake of your first 5 losing bets you will only be credited with your net loss figure at that time.” These type of promotions add a bit of fun and excitement to the usual wagers.

Online Betting Options

As mentioned before, there are a number of online betting options available. It is important to choose an online betting website that you’re comfortable with and are able to use easily. We have reviewed many online betting websites and researched which are the best. Read here for the Top 5 Online Betting Websites as well as our List of Sports Betting Websites here.

Understanding Online Betting

If after all of the above, you’re still struggling to understand online betting and how to place a bet, here is a simple route to follow:

1. Choose from anyone of our suggested online betting websites: Click here

2. Click on “Open an account” “register an account” or any similar instruction. You will be asked for a few details such as name, email and phone number. Once you have completed these you will have an account with the online betting website.

3. Before you place a bet you will need to deposit money into your account. This can generally be done via EFT, credit card or Paypal.

4. You can now choose from a variety of sports and events to bet on. Click on the sports category, click on the current or future event you wish to bet on, and then place your wager. For a more in depth look at how to do this, you can read How to place a Rugby Bet or How to place a Tennis bet, however it is a fairly simple process.

5. You will now be able to view your account online and see whether your wager has won or lost. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Online Betting Special Events

Online Betting websites are generally known for the ability to place wagers on major sports events around the world. Few people know that on most online betting sites you are able to place bets on just about any event, not just sporting. For example you can place bets on the X-Factor UK 2016 Winner, the US Elections outcomes, the Oscars, the Emmy’s, Lotto numbers picked, whether the Royal couple was having a boy or girl and many many more. These are generally found under the Special Events or Specials section of an online betting website.

Online betting can be fun, lucrative and exciting. It’s important to find an online betting website that is easy to use, quick to payout, secure and rewarding. It can be just as fun as actually playing the sport you’re betting on.