We have gathered some of the best rugby betting tips and rugby betting advice from the top experts in the rugby betting industry. In order to understand which markets to bet on and which tournaments allow you to maximise your chances of winning, there are certain guidelines that you can follow.

Rugby Betting Tips

Rugby Betting Tip 1: Do your Research
As with any other online sports bet you place, placing a bet on rugby needs to be done after much research and thought has gone into who you’re placing your bets on. It’s important to consider the stadium the rugby team is playing in, whether there are any injuries to the side, whether the game is near the beginning or the end of the rugby season and so forth. All these factors play a major role in the possible success or defeat of a team and the more you know about the conditions, the more accurate your rugby bet will be.

Rugby Betting Tip 2: Rugby Handicap Betting
Betting on outright winners might not be where the real money in Rugby betting is. It’s probably worth checking out other rugby betting markets as well as rugby handicap betting where your chances of winning more money is greatly increased. In short when you place a handicap bet your team either has to beat a team by more than a certain margin or prevent a team from winning by more than a certain margin. It means that a match between two sides of very different levels can still be an exciting betting opportunity. Alternative rugby betting markets include for example betting on the number of tries scored, the final score or who was made man of the match, instead of on the outright match or tournament winner. If you’re new to rugby betting this is probably the best way to start and learn.

Rugby Betting Tip 3: Bet what you can afford
When placing any online sports bet, it’s important to manage your bankroll wisely. Allocate a certain amount to your betting bankroll and stick to this no matter what. Start off with small rugby bets if you’re new to online sports betting and increase only when you know more about rugby betting.

Rugby Betting Tip 4: Use only registered online sports betting websites
This may seem very obvious, however there are many fly-by-night online sports betting facilities available that don’t pay out correctly nor have safe transaction facilities and are not registered with their provincial Gambling Board. There are however many reputable online sports betting websites that offer excellent betting odds and betting markets as well as sign-up bonuses and promotions. Read here for a list of the most reputable online sports betting websites available.

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