Sports betting is very popular all around the globe as well as South Africa and bettors or punters spend and make copious amounts of money by betting on sports such as rugby, cricket, tennis and golf or horseracing.

If you’re new to sports betting in South Africa, there are a variety of betting types that you can make and we’ll explain these below:

  1. Money Line Betting – although initially this may seem quite complicated, it is in fact the easiest sports betting type to understand. Money line betting is solely interested in who wins as opposed to point spread betting which is concerned who wins and by how much. Money line betting is used in sports where the point spread becomes irrelevant such as boxing, auto racing and tennis.
  2. Point Spread betting or Spread Betting – This type of sports betting is accurately defined as a betting scenario where the payoff is based on the accuracy of the wager and not just a simple win or lose outcome. A “spread” is a range of outcomes and the bet is based on the outcome being above or below the spread. The idea of Point Spread betting is to create a market for both sides of the wager, in essence it encourages betting for the underdog as well as the favorite.
  3. Total Bets (Over/Under or O/U Bet) – This is commonly used as a “side bet” at an event and is when a bet is made against the total points scored by both teams. For example a bet is set between Team X and Team Y at a total of 61. When the final whistle blows and Team X scores 31 and Team Y scores 26, the total being 57, the bettors who took the under will win as 57 is less than 61.
  4. Parlay Bets (Accumulator or Combo Bets) – this is a single bet that links two or more single wagers together and is reliant on all those wagers winning jointly. If any of the bets in the parlay lose, the entire parlay loses.
  5. Teasers – This form of betting allows a bettor to combine his bets on two or more different games. There are two types of Teaser bets and the first is know as the Super/Special/Big or Monster Teaser. The second is known as a Vegas Teaser and is a combination of a Parlay Bet and a Super Bet.
  6. Future Odds or Futures – Future odds are just that, speculation of what will happen in events in the long term future and betting on this.
  7. Proposition Bet or Prop Bet – this allows a bettor to bet on anything that takes place in the game that does not affect the final score. For example betting on which team scores first.

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