Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Boxing betting tips

The popularity of boxing betting rose considerably before the historic Mayweather-McGregor in August 2017. This fight had the world watching in anticipation, wanting so desperately to bet on McGregor (the underdog) for his enthusiasm and brawl but being level...
The Mountain vs The Beast

The Heaviest Boxing Match in History: The Beast vs The Mountain

Fans of celebrity boxing are set for a treat in 2021, as it has been revealed that two former World’s Strongest Man winners will meet in a boxing match for the first time. Eddie Hall won the World’s Strongest...

Step by Step Guide to Boxing Betting

1. Go to 2. If you already have an account with BetXchange click Login, if not click Register an account and fill in the correct details. 3. Remember you can only start your boxing betting if you have funds in your account, so...


Currie Cup Preview

The Currie Cup returns today with some mouth-watering clashes on the cards, the feature match shows the Bulls hosting Western Province on Saturday night....