UFC became a global phenomenon over recent years, and its trip to Denmark is nothing surprising. The fight between Jack Hermansson and Jared Cannonier marks the first UFC event in this country, and be sure that we are ahead of one spectacle here. Two of the top ten fighters in 185 lbs division are clashing, and that is something definitely has the potential to be one hell of a battle.


Jack Hermansson (20-4 MMA) has four straight wins at the moment and is seriously thriving towards the top of the UFC. The latest victory came against Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza after a unanimous decision, in the main event of UFC Fight Night: Jacaré vs. Hermansson on April 27. It came just three weeks following his win over David Branch which drew the spotlight on this Swedish fighter. The last defeat Hermansson had was against Thiago Sanos, in October 2017, when the fantastic Brazilian disarmed the Joker, with an incredible barrage of kicks and punches at the end of the first round. That is the recipe for beating Hermansson who has enormous stamina and power, which is more and more noticeable as the fight goes on. He also has very good grappling skills and is wearing down the opponent throughout the match forcing him to spent energy defending on the floor.

On the other side, we have Cannonier (12-4 MMA) who is a striking machine and much better when fighting from the stand-up. His insane punches have made him one of the guys who are pretending to become top strikers in this division. After all, seven of his 12 wins came by a knockout. Still, this will be a challenge for him, as much stronger fighters couldn’t hit Hermansson that good to blank him out. But then again, we are sure, that besides Santos, the
Swed never fought a guy with this much dynamite in his fists. On the other hand, we are not quite sure does he has better stamina than his rival. And also, does he has a chin which could endure severe hits. We’ve seen against Dominick Reyes that he isn’t quite good when it comes to taking major punches. Still, following that loss, Cannonier bounced back with two big wins, both of them by KO, against Branch and versus the legendary Anderson Silva. Though, these two fighters are in decline, especially Silva who has been out of the elite division for quite some time, beating these guys can boost morale.

Previous fights

This is the first time these two guys clash against one another. As we said before, Hermansson has 4 wins in the last two years, while the Killa Gorilla has two wins and a loss.


We would have to give an edge to Hermansson in this one. There are a few reasons for that decision. We believe that he is a more versatile fighter, unlike Cannonier, who is much better in stand up. Something tells us here that the Joker is going to use a lot of grappling during the fight, and then turn up the heat in the latter part of the match and finish the job from a distance. The stamina of the Swed is at a higher level according to various sources, and that is the second reason why to bet on him. Also, don’t forget about the fans, Hermansson will have massive support behind him, as Copenhagen is virtually his home field. BetXChange gives 0.36 on his win, and we believe that it is a reasonable offer in this case.

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