Monday, June 17, 2024

Submitting Anonymous Tip-Off’s to

About Anonymous Tip-Offs

We value your feedback and depend on your help to assist us in the identification and prevention of criminal behaviour and or suspicious activities taking place within BetXchange.

You can now give us confidential and anonymous tip-offs about any kind of criminal behaviour or suspicious activities that you or someone else has witnessed within one of our branches or company in general.


Please provide us with the location of the incident and any information or details you can provide us with about the person and the circumstances. We will follow up on all tips you provide us with. No one will contact you or know who you are, unless you want us to.

Anonymous tip-offs can be reported online by filling out the prescribed electronic form below.

Some examples are:

  • Illegal activities (ex: theft, system manipulation etc.) taking place within BetXchange (Branch or Head Office)
  • Description of a suspicious person or vehicle.
  • Any type of violations or illegal activities you have seen or suspect that have taken or are taking place.
  • Information about what you witnessed – hours, days, or weeks ago.
  • Anything you may know about the suspicious activity we are currently investigating or should be investigating.
  • The location, identity and or personal information of the suspected individual.

Please Complete the Form (100% Confidential)

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This electronic form is completely anonymous, confidential and must be filled out with factual information. Should you wish to provide your name, phone number or personal details it will be completely optional. It is a possibility however that the information you provide us with could be the basis for the start of a criminal investigation, and a further follow-up would be beneficial in the successful prosecution of the guilty party. Please leave your real name and the contact method of your preference.