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BetXchange offers a comprehensive choice of Lucky Numbers draws in South Africa.

Some of our fixed odds lucky numbers offerings include SA Daily Lotto, UK49s or the French 5/49.

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Fixed-odds betting

When you bet with BetXchange on our lucky number draws, you are not buying a ticket to enter the official draw.

You are taking a fixed odds bet on the result of the draw. We like to explain it as a sports bet; in which you need to select the outcome of the draw. When you win, we pay you out according to the odds and your stake.

So why do people play fixed-odds lucky numbers draws instead of just buying a ticket? Well, for one you are in control of your potential payout. Simply pick your market, enter your stake and you will know immediately what you stand to win. Purchasing a lotto ticket means you are buying into a pool.

If you win, your payout is determined by how many other tickets are on your line. Which means the winnings are divided by the other winners as well. For example, if there is a potential to win R500,00 and there are 500 individual winners you will only get R1,00

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How we determined the odds we offer. The set odds are associated and depend on rules of each draw.

For example, Number of ball sets

UK49’s makes use of a single ball set. In this example, seven balls are drawn from a set of 49, with no Bonus Ball drawn.  French 5/49 differs slightly as there are two ball sets. The first set of balls are used for the main draw where five balls will be drawn from a pool of 49. The second set contains 10 balls of which one is drawn to determine the bonus ball.

Some draws may even use a single pool of numbers from which to draw for the main draw as well as the bonus ball.

It is important to understand how each draw works to be sure that you are making an informed decision when you place your bet.

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