Whatever lotto betting – or lottery betting – you go for, you will essentially need to choose a selection of winning numbers plus a bonus to bet on. While some might opt for birthdays or other sentimental number combinations for their lotto betting, there are those who believe in more regimental strategies to pick the winning numbers to bet on.

Here are some of the best lotto betting strategies to try.

Lotto Betting

1. Odds and evens

It’s extremely rare that a complete set of all odd or all even numbers will be chosen – less than three percent in fact. Consecutive numbers in lotto betting are also highly unlikely so rather try betting on a combination of odds and evens and mix up the order when you place your lotto bets. Try opt for two odd and four even, four odd and two even, or three odd and three even as the most likely options.

lotto betting

2. High and low

The same can be said of lotto betting on the high and low number options, with the best mix being a two/four, four/two or three/three in the high/low numbers. Winning numbers are generally spread across the whole field, so selecting just high or just low numbers to bet on can decrease your chances of winning. For the South African lotto, it’s a 52-number game so try betting on a fairly even mix of numbers from the 1 to 26 section and then in the 27 to 52 section.

3. Historical review

If you’re desperately seeking to bet on some winning lotto numbers and are willing to put in the time, then start by looking at previous winning lotto betting combinations to get the edge. Numbers that have not appeared in the results the previous five games, more often than not, feature in the winning lotto numbers drawn. According to the South African average, one lotto number will be a repeat hit from the last drawing about 56 percent of the time, so it’s worth including at least one long shot in your top six lotto betting options.

lotto betting

4. Don’t emulate winning lotto numbers

It’s extremely unlikely that the same combination of numbers, even if re-ordered, will come up as winning numbers again, so be aware of this when it comes to lotto betting. You’d be better advised to play new numbers, however, if you’re insistent on using those numbers, then try another lottery game to better your chances.

5. Add it up

Apparently, lotto numbers – when combined – that add up anywhere between 122 and 196 account for about 70 percent of all lotto jackpots won. Once you’ve decided on your six lotto numbers to bet on, add them and check that they fall within this range. This is a scientific approach to lotto betting strategies.

6. Remember the overriding rule

Whatever lotto betting strategies you use to increase your chances of winning with lotto betting, there is absolutely no guarantee when it comes to betting on lottery outcomes. Use what you can to up your odds, but at the end of the day, the lotto numbers are picked at random so you’ve got to hope for a bit of luck as well.

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