There are very few South African soccer predictions websites available as most are for international bettors only. We have however found a few gems of soccer prediction websites that offer all the latest soccer predictions, soccer betting tips, soccer betting odds and soccer betting promotions for South African bettors on local as well as international soccer tournaments. Read the list below:

Soccer Prediction Websites

1. Keith Ho BetXchange
Betxchange offers a wide variety of soccer betting odds on all soccer games both locally and internationally. The website is very user friendly and offers a great selection of information through its sister site, on soccer such as soccer predictions, betting odds, upcoming events and more as well as other sports such as Rugby, Cricket and Horse Racing. As it is a sports betting website, offers the latest soccer betting odds and soccer predictions for fans to place their bets on through quick, easy and secure payment methods. There are a number of regular promotions and bonuses available too to look out for.

Best Soccer sites

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2. Soccerladuma
Soccer Laduma is a fantastic wealth of information about the local and international soccer scene. This soccer predictions website offers soccer predictions on a variety of games and also allows the public to place their predictions on 5 soccer events, namely MTN8 Predictor, Amstel Predictor, EPL Predictor, La Liga Predictor and Champions League Predictor. An easy to understand website as well as an up to date news site for all that is happening in the South African soccer circles.

Soccer Laduma

Soccer Fixtures Download

3. Soccer6
Soccer6 is originally a soccer and horse race betting website. It offers all the latest betting odds on upcoming games. There are 3 resident tipsters Amos Mananyetso, Mark Gleeson and Sy Leman that offer their words of wisdom before a match and publish their soccer predictions to the public.


4. SASoccermag
SA Soccer Mag is another website that offers soccer predictions for certain tournaments by expert tipsters and pundits. Soccer experts take a look at upcoming tournaments and blog about their soccer predictions and what they feel can be expected from a match. It is an easy to read and enjoyable opinion piece. They often ask professional sportsmen and women to make their predictions and have a little fun by asking their opinions.

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There you have our top 4 soccer prediction website to help you when placing bets on your favourite soccer events and matches.

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Place your soccer bets today.