Rugby is fast becoming one of the most popular sports to bet on. Sports betting enthusiasts worldwide keep their eyes closely on events such as Super Rugby, the Currie Cup, the Rugby Championship, the Six Nations, the Rugby World Cup. It is vastly popular because of its ability to appeal to both young and old, male and female and South Africa in particular seems to get swept up in any Rugby event where their favourite “Springboks” are playing.

Rugby Betting Tips

There are a few points you can take into consideration if you’re wanting to bet on the upcoming Rugby events, such as:

Know your team – Due to Rugby being an international sport it is probably best to choose a league or two to focus on and bet on these together with Rugbys main events such as the Rugby World Cup. By doing this you will make it easier to track a players progress as well as a teams performance and ultimately when it comes time to place your bets on major events such as the Rugby World Cup, you will have a far more informed frame of reference to use.

Look at past results – there are many instances where previous meetings results will give you a good indication on the outcome of a game. Some teams will have been evenly matched when you look at the statistics, and have similar win lose ratios. However some teams will be clear favourites. For example, in a total of 28 test matches starting in 1985 the All Blacks have never lost to Argentina. So placing a rugby bet on Argentina to beat the All Black might offer some good betting odds, but in reality the All Blacks will likely win.

Look at each teams strengths and weaknesses – when particular teams play against each other each will have specific strengths and weaknesses. Certain conditions, venues and team selection will give you a better idea of what the likely outcome of the event will be, allowing you to make an educated rugby bet. For example the team playing might have a super home venue win ratio, or play an extremely tight, low risk game, which can be favourable in wet conditions.

Keep track of the news – in order to practice effective rugby betting you will need to know the team selection, which players are injured, suspended or not playing in that particular match. Often when international tournaments are taking place, teams can be without several first team players and on those occasions great value can be found in betting in favour of their opponents. For example when Dan Cater was injured during training in the 2011 Rugby World Cup and ultimately ruled out of action for the remainder of the tournament, many pundits felt New Zealand’s chances of the winning the world cup took a major blow.

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