The heat, intensity and focus is rising as EFC legends prepare to enter the arena on Saturday 9 September at Grand West, Cape Town for EFC 63, sponsored by

EFC 63 Betting Odds

Already threats, face offs and aggression’s have been shared among contenders. Shaun de Lange and Conrad Seabi put fists in each other’s faces at the EFC 63 Fight Week Fan Event and Dino Bagattin and Bruno Mukulu exchanged brooding glares.

EFC 63

The main event that all will be eagerly waiting for is the powerful match-up between the USA’s Dave Mazany and Zimbabwe’s Themba Gorimbo. Dave “Pain Train” Mazany has a record 14 wins in MMA and his polished wrestling and striking ability coupled together with his international experience will stand him in good stead on Saturday. Themba “The Answer” Gorimbo on the other hand is well conditioned, fit and incredibly durable. His submission skills have assisted with 5 of his 6 wins and he will be looking to notch up his seventh win on Saturday.

Betting odds are currently: Dave Mazany 6/10 and Themba Gorimbo 12/10 to win

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The second main event is the Welterweight fight between Cameron Pritchard from PE and Jose “Dedihno” Da Rocha from Brazil. This is sure to be a tough encounter as both contenders are fairly matched in their submission and striking skills. Pritchard however has the advantage of being undefeated in his EFC career and KO’d striker Tresor in 23 seconds.

Betting odds are currently Cameron Pritchard 1/1 and Jose Da Rocha 7/10 to win

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Other Fights

Further fights at Grand West on Saturday 9 September include:

Faeez Jacobs 9/20 versus Nerik Simoes 16/10

Deon Bruning 1/6 versus Sizwe Mnikathi 7/2

Regis Muyambo 17/20 versus Mamoudou Toure  17/20

Armand Scheepers 7/10 versus Gunther Kalunda 1/1

Quaid Openshaw 7/10 versus Shane Meier 1/1

Shaun De Lange 5/10 versus Conrad Seabi 15/10

Gideon Drotschie 1/1  versus Warren Allison 7/10

Bruno Mukulu 1/1 versus Dino Bagattin 7/10

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