EFC kicks off with a bang this year on the 4th March at Carnival City, Johannesburg. The long awaited fight card with some of the greatest EFC fighters is as follows:

Igeu Kabesa versus Daniel Henry for the featherweight title fight

Who will win? The 23 year old Kabesa has a world class wrestling pedigree, is a highly skilled all-rounder and is able to construct solid finishes. Whilst his opponent, Scotsman Daniel Henry is known for crisp and clean striking, good wrestling defence and strong boxing and submission finishes. Two strong fighters with an appetite for the title.

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Elvis Moyo versus Mike Vermuelen for the heavyweight title fight

Who will win? Vermuelen is a forward fighter with a 90% striking rate. “The Bomber”Moyo is strong and physical with good endurance and high level boxing fitness. Two giants taking one another on in a fight not to be missed.

Current Betting odds: TBA
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Further clashes taking place at EFC57 on the 4th March:

Lightweight Fights
Martin van Staden versus Christian Holley
Moumadou Toure vs Teryl Singh
Pope Djembo vs Taylor Kennedy
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Heavyweight Fight
Wessel Mostert vs Tony Mustard
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Welterweight Fight
Conrad Seabi vs Mutuale Basambombo
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Bantamweight Fights
Bokang Masunyane vs Luthando Biko
Yusuf Hassan vs Devon Cronje
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Middleweight Fight
Gordon Roodman vs Georgie Georgiev
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Featherweight Fight
Pierre Botha vs Sizwe Mnikathi
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