Sports Betting Tips

Online sports betting has become increasingly popular the world over and particularly in South Africa where is a completely legal form of betting. There are many online sports bettors that make a living from sports betting and some that just play for fun. It’s important to remember that each South Africa province has its own online sports betting regulations and therefore in order for a bookmaker to operate in that province they need to have the accompanying licence. Read more about this in our article Legal Online Sports Betting in South Africa.

sports betting tips

In order for you to be able to enjoy your online sports betting experience to the maximum, we have put together a few online sports betting tips to look out for in order to make your online sports betting experience smooth and enjoyable.

Online Sports Betting Tip 1: Make sure that the online sports betting bookmaker has a valid license.
As mentioned above, each South African province will grant a bookmaker a license if they adhere to regulations and standards. This means that your money is safe and your transactions are secure when using a licensed online sports betting bookmaker. Read about the Top 5 Online Sports Betting websites here.

Online Sports Betting Tip 2: Manage your Money and Bank Roll
When decided to take part in online sports betting, it’s important to set a particular amount of money (or bankroll) aside that you can afford to lose. Some of the top online sports bettors in the world manage their bankroll and winnings exactly like a business and only use what is allocated. A general online sports betting strategy is to only use 1-5% of your bank roll in a single bet. It’s important to remember not to chase your losses with bigger bets. This may lead to even bigger losses and regrets. Rather bet small and build it up slowly as the season continues.

Online Sports Betting Tip 3: Do your Homework
In order to have the most chance of winning at online sports betting, you need to do your homework. Do you research, analyse stats, look at trends, read up about previous performances and make online sports bets that have value. Although it is sometimes fun and fruitful to go with your “hunch”, your chances are far better by making a calculated bet.

Online Sports Betting Tip 4: Make sure you read the online sports betting websites terms and conditions for the particular sport that you’re betting on to understand when a bet can be classified as void.
Each sport or event will have its own unique factors that will make it a valid bet or not. For example in cricket when betting on Batsman Match Runs, the following minimum number of overs must be scheduled, and there must be an official result (Duckworth-Lewis counts) otherwise all bets are void, unless settlement of bets is already determined.

  • Twenty20 Matches – The full 20 overs for each team.
  • One Day Matches – At least 40 overs for each team.
  • Test and County Championship Matches – The whole match counts. In drawn matches there must be a minimum of 200 overs bowled.

Now that you understand the basic tips of online sports betting, learn more about the advantages of online sports betting here.

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