Online sports’ betting is coming out ahead in the world of betting with secure sites making the opportunity to bet on whatever sport that much easier. To assist even further, there are a number of websites available which provide in-depth details and knowledge about upcoming games and matches with analyses and predictions that can assist the online bettor. Here are some of the top sports’ betting tips’ websites.

Sports Betting Tips Websites

1. Good for the Game 

This site covers a selection of mainstream sports including English football, horse racing, Six Nations rugby and cricket. As a further show of support for website users, Good for the Game also has an interactive forum that covers a range of discussion threads. The forum’s layout is extremely user-friendly showing the discussion topic, number of views and replies, as well as the last post. The site’s blog section is up to date with a several interesting posts that offer online betting insights and guidance.

2. Best Sports Betting 

Specifically for the South African market, this is a fantastically laid-out and really enticing sports’ betting tips’ website that you can easily navigate. With a decade of experience, the creators of this website are dedicated to reviewing and rating bookmakers while empowering users to make smart betting choices. The site relies on a number of contributors which provides for a more varied opinion and there are plans to include international reviews as well. It’s still a work-in-progress, with a Betting Babes’ section under construction, but it is interactive and looks to become a very useful site.

3. Sporting Post 

Sporting Post uses an interesting rating technique for betting tips which they call they ‘Vomit Factor’ or VF for short. A high VF is preferable as it indicates the level of sickness a punter feels when they are on a winning streak. The site focuses solely on horse racing and is updated daily on race days with three tipsters giving their insights on the various races and horses. Sporting Post provides details about breeding which includes statistics, auctions, sales, news and opinions among others. In addition to betting tips there are also race cards and results, really anything you would need to know about horse racing.

4. The Sport Freak 

For anyone interested in rugby betting, then The Sport Freak is the ultimate website for punters. Under the ‘Tips & Previews’ tab, there is a selection of relevant blow-by-blow analyses about each team’s strengths and weaknesses, statistics and predictions. The creators have also listed several bookmakers and sportsbooks which have been thoroughly reviewed, assessing player bonuses and overall experience with an honest assessment of each site.

5. Betshoot 

This is the ideal website for the football fundi’s looking to make some money off of their favourite team. Betshoot offers an ‘Editor’s Betting Tips’ section with an easy to read analysis of upcoming football games written by 10 betting enthusiasts from Europe. There is another section offering predictions from tipsters who are all qualified to share their insights. They are really motivated to give the most accurate predictions because the website creators offer cash incentives to the six best tipsters monthly. To ensure punters keep up with the odds’ changes, the site has a ‘Dropping Odds’ tab with information being updated every 10 minutes. For the newbies, the ‘Bookmakers’ tab has reviews of all the bookmakers, ensuring users have access to all the best information.