As mentioned in A History of Soccer Betting in South Africa, soccer betting has become extremely popular over the last few years, especially since the dawn of online soccer betting. Let’s have a look at a few of the different soccer betting options:

1. Money Line Soccer Betting – Soccer betting money lines offer odds on three different outcomes, one for each team to win and one for a draw. It is important to understand how much of the match the wager covers as generally it only includes the 90 minutes of the match and injury time but penalties and overtime are not included.


2. Parlay Soccer Betting – Parlay betting is when a number of different teams are bet on to win or draw their specific games. If all of the teams chosen win or tie then the bettor has won their parlay. If one or more of the teams lose their match, then the parlay is lost. This is a high risk, high reward form of betting. The more teams are in your parlay, the higher your winnings, however the more chance there is of at least one team losing their match.

3. Over/Under – Bookmakers will set a total number of goals at each match and soccer betting fans can either bet over or under this number. As the goal scoring possibilities in soccer are quite low, a common over/under bet total used is 2.5. This method is great for betting on matches where both teams play a similar style.

4. Proposition soccer betting (prop bets) – Proposition soccer betting allows a bettor to bet that a particular occurrence in the match will or won’t happen. For example “Will anyone score in the first 5 minutes of the game?” or “Will there be a head-butt this season?” proposition bets are very specific and generally only those soccer betting fans that know what they are doing make prop bets.

5. Point Spread – Point spread soccer betting is when you bet on whether a certain soccer team will win or lose by a certain number of goals. This method of soccer betting is often used when underdogs are playing and helps to create a market for both sides of the wager.

Some exciting leagues and matches to bet on that are currently taking place are the Absa Premiership in South Africa and the Barclays Premier League in England.

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