Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Round of 16 FIFA Womens World Cup

The Women's World Cup is in full swing now, and with the conclusion of the group stages comes the business end of the competition. For the most part, the favoured teams have made it out of their groups and...
Women's World Cup

FIFA Women’s World Cup Preview

The biggest event of the summer is about to kick off in Paris, as the women will battle for the highest honour in football. This year's competition is likely to be the most competitive yet, with Germany, France, England...
soccer world cup 2010

Best Soccer World Cup Moments in History

The countdown has begun to the 21st Football World Cup, running 14 June to 15 July in Russia, and the world will be watching as history is made. It is a wonderful global platform to showcase the indomitable spirit...


5 Premature Sporting Celebrations

In sports, a split-second can make all the difference to the outcome of a match or game, and it often happens that a competitor...