It seems that one legend and the favorite of Chelsea’s fans might be back at Stamford Bridge very soon. According to several sources, Frank Lampard is near Blues’ bench, and he might be the next manager of the Europa League champions.

The rumors appeared immediately once Maurizio Sarri and Juventus were linked, and everything now depends on their talks.

If by any chance the two sides agree, Lampard could quickly become the new manager of his former club.

Right now, Juve and Sarri are discussing the potential contract offer. If they come to an agreement, Chelsea will be paid £5.3 million, and would later use that money to sign Lampard.

At the moment Derby County, Lampard’s current club, hasn’t received any offers. After missing the promotion to the Premiership and losing against Aston Villa in the playoff finals, Lampard stated to the club management that he would discuss his future at the club.

The former midfielder of the English national team and one of the biggest names in Chelsea’s history was the essential part of Derby’s fantastic campaign during the previous season. He was a true refreshment among the Championship managers, indicating a massive potential, which was immediately noticed by much bigger clubs.

The Blues are struggling with managers. In the last 16 years, they have changed 11 of them, with everything pointing that Abramovich might increase that number in the near future.

Sarri is not thrilled with the English way of life, has constant problems with the media, and he isn’t feeling happy in London. The fact that Chelsea isn’t allowed to bring players in the next two transfer windows, and that on the other hand, Eden Hazard left, just added more reasons for him to go away.

We’ll see what happens in the future.


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