American football players are revered countrywide with quarterbacks and linebackers elevated to celebrity status. And, where there’s fame, there’s often a horde of beautiful women in close proximity. Here are some of the

Hottest NFL wives and girlfriends

1. Candice Crawford Romo (Tony Romo)

Definitely a top contender in the hottest wives’ category, former American beauty queen and television reporter, Candice Crawford Romo, wed Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, in 2011. This quarterback knows how to attract them – before Candice, he dated actress, Jessica Simpson, and singer, Carrie Underwood. Candice and Tony have two lovely children together. And, if you’re wondering, Gossip Girl heartthrob, Chace Crawford, is a sibling of Candice’s.


2. Brande Roderick (Glenn Catrez)

Model and actress, having featured on both Baywatch and Playboy –renowned for attracting the attractive – Roderick married Catrez in 2007. Catrez played 11 seasons in the NFL for the Denver Broncos, New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs. Roderick also starred in the 2013 Celebrity Apprentice.

Brande Roderick

3. Nicole Williams (Larry English)

WAGS reality star, Nicole Williams, and former NFL player, Larry English, recently tied the knot at Montage Laguna Beach in southern California. In typical reality TV-style, English proposed to the gorgeous Williams during the season finale of WAGS. A real fairy-tale moment!

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4. October Gonzalez (Tony Gonzalez)

Former NFL tight-end, Tony Gonzalez, met the lovely October when she was a 21-year-old cocktail waitress at a bar in Newport Beach, owned by Dennis Rodman. The two dated for four years before Tony, who was suffering from Bell’s Palsy at the time, proposed. In 2007, they participated in a commitment ceremony and the two have subsequently had two children together, Malia and River.

October Gonzales

5. Jessie James Decker (Eric Decker)

The country singer-songwriter married Eric Decker – a starting wide receiver for the Denver Broncos – in June 2013. By September 2013 the happy couple announced they were expecting their first child – daughter, Vivianne Rose – and then along came Eric Jr. Two perfect additions to this gorgeous family.


6. Lauren Tannehill (Ryan Tannehill)

The blonde-haired, green-eyed aspirant model, Lauren Tannehill, married the Miami Dolphins quarterback in 2012. Last year, this dreamy couple announced that they were expecting a new addition to their happy crew.

Lauren tannehill

7. Miranda Brooke (A.J. Green)

A relationship for the modern age, professional singer, Miranda, met now-husband, AJ, on social media in 2010. After five years, the two finally wed in a sumptuous ceremony at Atlanta’s luxurious 200 Peachtree, with a guest list boasting Andy Dalton, Mohamed Sanu, Marvin Jones and Carlos Dunlap. The happy couple welcomed their first baby, Easton Ace, in 2016.


8. Courtney Eckhart (LaMichael James)

The stunning cheerleader, Courtney Eckhart, found her love on the field in the form of decorated American footballer, LaMichael James. While the two keep a low profile, they do reportedly have a child together.


9. Kia Proctor (Cam Newton)

Model, Kia Proctor, was first identified as being in a relationship with Cam Newton when the two were spotted together at the Kentucky Derby in 2013. The couple have two children and, although they are not married, there is much hype as to when Newton will propose. Watch this space.


10. Talor Reazin (Danny Amendola)

Based in Oklahoma City, Talor Reazin – a current bikini model and former cheerleader – has been dating American football wide receiver, Danny Amendola, since they met at a party in 2013. A great looker, there is so much more to Talor who also holds a major in communications from Texas Tech.


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