The most revered sport internationally is awash with glitz and glamour, attracting skilled sports’ stars, lots of money, and millions of fans. And, while soccer is certainly not watched exclusively for the fans, they do add a lot of flavour to the sport…particularly the good-looking ones. Here are some of places to find the most gorgeous soccer fans.

8 Hot Soccer World Cup Fans

1. Brazil

South America doesn’t view soccer as merely a sport, it is worshipped across the continent and this level of passion attracts some worthwhile feminine attention. Brazil, the five-time World Cup-winning nation whose heart beats rhythmically to the tune of soccer, boasts some of the most stunning soccer fans – the Samba girls. The drum-banging vibrancy of this nation creates a heated frenzy of soccer adoration that overflows throughout the stadium. Passion, music, dance, soccer and beautiful women…it’s a great combination.

2. Mexico

This Latin enthusiasm continues into Mexico which is renowned for its spicy food – and hot women. The elevated temperatures that cause soccer players to sweat it out on the pitch, also encourage quite scant clothing for the female soccer fans, making it quite difficult to focus on the game itself.

3. Argentina

The home to one of the world’s greatest soccer stars – Lionel Messi – is bound to attract a lot of soccer interest…and is also home to some of the most beautiful soccer fans. Kitted out in the national blue and white colours, these exuberant women will shout their opinions across the pitch. Although coming from such attractive sources, it’s difficult to not be enraptured.

4. Columbia

Curves and charisma characterise the Colombian soccer fans who bring a truly festive atmosphere to any stadium they visit. The gaggle of gorgeous women is led by the iconic singer and dancer, Shakira, who Waka Waka’d her way through the 2010 Soccer World Cup and into the heart of Spanish footballer, Gerard Pique. The country worships the sport and tends to celebrate soccer in an array of vibrant outfits and songs.

5. Belgium

Moving across to Europe – another continent drenched in football fever – one must stop in to check out the beautiful Belgian soccer fans. During the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil, one Belgian beauty – Axelle Despiegelaere – was snapped supporting Les Diables Rouges and clocked up a few hundred thousand Twitter followers. She even caught the eye of L’Oreal who offered her a modelling contract. She was, unfortunately, dropped by the cosmetic giant after another photograph featured her holding a gun next to an animal carcass, but at least she had her shot.

6. Germany

Considered one of the most powerful soccer-playing nations worldwide, Germany is also home to some of the globe’s most stunning soccer fans. Stylish, outspoken, tall and blonde, the country is awash with renowned catwalk models and this is quite evident when browsing across the stands. German women mean business, however, and the rising number of female soccer spectators shows their dedication to their soccer team.

7. Sweden

No list categorising beautiful women could be complete without a nod to the Scandinavian nation of Sweden. With their striking looks and elegant demeanour, the typically blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauties are quite difficult to ignore. Like the sirens from Greek mythology, the Swedish soccer fans are quite mesmerising as they chant for their team making it difficult not to get distracted from the game at hand.

8. South Africa

While Bafana Bafana may falter around the ball, South African women are certainly worth watching, even if the soccer isn’t. The 2010 Soccer World Cup hosted in Mzansi really shone a light on the wealth of South African eye-candy from the West to East Coast and beyond.

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