Turfontein will again host Johannesburg’s longest-running, first-grade horse race, the Sansui Summer Cup, and this year will see horse racing enthusiasts donning bright garments as they dress to the theme ‘Pretty in Pink’. Taking place on Saturday, 25 November, spectators will get the chance to enjoy 12 action-packed races while catching glimpses of high society in a range of pink haute couture. This very on-trend colour theme provides a multitude of outfit options for Sansui Summer Cup guests, with the day’s dress code stipulating ‘premium, stylish and smart’. Men are encouraged to wear suits and jackets while women can wear hats or fascinators on the day.

Sansui Summer Cup Theme

To make sure you hit the mark with the Sansui Summer Cup ‘Pretty in Pink’ theme, follow these handy fashion tips:

1. Get the right shade

As with all colours, there is a range of different shades that are suited to different skin tones, so make sure you select the right shade of pink for you. Hot pink generally looks good against darker skin tones while people with lighter complexions are encouraged to opt for a lighter shade of pink. One of Pantone’s 2016 colours, rose quartz, is also great for lighter tones and doesn’t contrast too harshly with darker skin tones, creating a feeling of warmth.

Race day wear pink

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2. Add texture

To give pink a little something extra, add some texture to your outfit in the form of sequins, fur or buttons. This creates a lot more visual interest in the garment, can make something a bit plain really chic and just adds another dimension to the attire.

pink fur coat

3. Just a touch

If you feel pink really isn’t the colour for you but you’d still like to remain within the theme, then consider just an accent of pink. This can be incorporated into your summer cup outfit with sunglasses, a hat, subtle piping on a suit or any other modest accessory.

4. Don’t forget to accessorise

Pink is a statement colour, whatever the shade, but this doesn’t mean you have to forget the accessories – just don’t overdo it. Hot pink can be really glammed up with trendy accessories, bold jewellery, a pink fascinator or a stylish bag. If you’re going for pale pink, then rather go for softer, more subtle accessories such as a pashmina with cream shoes. For a really on-trend look, a black leather jacket, heels and a clutch will complete the ensemble.

race day wear pink

5. Complementary colours

As mentioned above, black works well with pink for a really sleek, trendy look. Other darker shades that complement pink include deep grey and navy blue. Hot pink also pairs well with metallic colours such as gold, silver and bronze so try find some dangly, gold earrings or a solid gold bracelet to finish the look. Neutrals and nudes also work well with pink as they don’t take focus away from the outfit.

horse race attire pink

6. Men in pink

Pink hues in menswear is nothing new, although some men are still averse to the idea of wearing pink. But pink is a just a colour – and a great colour at that – so if you haven’t tried it out, this is the best excuse. A pink dress shirt works well white chinos, brown brogues and a brown belt for a light, summer look. Alternatively, for a really chic look, wear a salmon pink dress shirt with a black, navy or tan suit. If you’re looking for a real statement piece, then a pink jacket or coat can be teamed with more neutral colours, even all-black if you’re looking for something bold. And, if you’d prefer something a bit more subtle, then opt for a pink tie with a traditional navy or black suit and white tie.

race day wear pink

Join all the race day enthusiasts on Saturday 25 November with your “Touch of Pink”and make a statement of your very own.

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