After seeing what happened to Juventus, both Barcelona and Bayern have to be careful before tonight’s matches. Bayern is in a much better position, but the Germans still have to stay focused and avoid a sensation. On the other side, Barca is crippled with injures, and they don’t have any room for mistakes. Overwhelmed with the toxic environment inside the locker room, Blaugrana is in the biggest crisis in the last couple of years. And Napoli knows that.


Bayern Munich vs. Chelsea

The Bavarians won the first game with 0-3 in London, but that was several months ago. Now, Bayern faces a team whose championship ended recently, while they on the other hand, played the last competitive match on June 27. Hansi Flick boys had one friendly contest, some eight days ago against Marseille, and they won it 1-0.

What seems to be a big enigma is their current state, as we can’t tell anything regarding the fitness of their players. Six weeks is a long period, and during that time, you can’t remain at the top level.

When talking about their game, overall, Bayern is one of the most lethal squads in Europe, with fantastic Robert Lewandowski up front, and a terrifying midfield. The last time they scored fewer than two goals at home was back in June.

Chelsea ended its season with a loss against Arsenal in the FA Cup finals, and the Blues are a little bit unhappy for that. They’d reach the Champions League but the entire organization hoped to see that one trophy in their collection.

Several players are injured, but it seems that their absence won’t do any harm to Lamaprd’s plans, which include attack right from the start. Chelsea has nothing to lose, and knowing the English manager, he will try to score as many goals as possible and surprise the Germans whose fitness, as we said, is questionable.

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Barcelona vs. Napoli

We don’t remember Barca experiencing more troubles in the last few years than right now. Blaugrana will have to fight not only Napoli, but injuries, the bad atmosphere in the locker room, and Messi’s unhappiness, etc. If they suffer elimination in this event, chances for the Argentinian to leave are 50-50.

The first match was 1-1, and that gives an edge to Barca, but still…

Blaugrana posted solid results since the restart, yet their draws were something that would cost them the title. In three of five games at home following the resumption of play, Barcelona didn’t allow a goal. Though, we need to add that a loss against Osasuna, 1-2 came in the moments when it was already obvious that they don’t have a chance to win the trophy.

As for Napoli, they would win the Coppa Italia trophy shortly after the restart, and after that success, Gattuso’s guys played pretty solid. As time went by the legendary midfielder decided to mix things a little bit and allow some younger and less used players to have minutes, which would result in several losses.

In the last five games on the road, Napoli posted just one win, against Genoa, 1-2, and all others were failures, with three defeats and a draw. In all the losses, Gattuso’s side allowed two goals.

Now, regarding the pick, even though Barcelona seems to be very shaky we can’t bet on anything else but their win. Firstly, the odds are solid, and secondly, if they lose (or play a draw), that would be a massive sensation. Barca’s win is at 0.59 at BetXChange.


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