Jose Mourinho will meet the club with whom he created the history of the English Premier League. The Special One faces Chelsea this weekend, in what seems to be the most exciting football match in entire Europe. The emotions will be high on both sides, and anyone who believes otherwise is making a massive mistake. Besides this, the two sides have to win this event, Chelsea, to regain confidence and remain in the Champions League zone and Spurs to reach the top four in the first place.


After losing to Bayern in Munich, the Spurs bounced back against Wolves in the last round. Verthongen’s goal in the closing moments of this event brought three points, and Tottenham is now one win away from Chelsea in the standings. Unlike during his previous stints, Mourinho’s team plays efficient matches, and the Spurs have seven events in a row with three or more goals. But not only that, during that span, they managed to keep the clean sheets only once. That, too, is highly uncharacteristic for the Portuguese. Overall, Tottenham looks much better now than just three weeks ago. They play with more confidence and are not as stiff as before, meaning that Mourinho woke up the competitive spirit in these guys.

Chelsea had a magnificent run up until the start of November, and they were the most pleasant surprise in the Premier League. The way Tammy Abraham and the rest of the crew played, many believed that the Blues might enter the race for the title. However, things became bad recently. Only two wins over the past seven games, including four losses during that run, pushed Lampard’s boys back to the battle for the top four spots. It is something which was predicted for this squad, but then again, the way they opened the campaign indicated that Chelsea has the potential to be better than anyone expected. Seven games from the lastest ten they played saw both teams score and over 2.5 goals, and although things aren’t working out well for the Blues, Lampard isn’t changing the style of play. The aggressive, offensive, and hard-working approach is the trademark of the new Chelsea, and the fans seem to like it.

Head to head record

So far, these two clubs from London played 164 times, and currently, Chelsea has more wins- 70. Tottenham recorded 54 of them, while 40 games ended with a draw. The two clubs played four times last season, twice in the Premiership, and twice in the League Cup. The first two games ended in Tottenham’s favor, and the latter two Chelsea won, with the teams using the home-field advantage.


With the way Chelsea plays, goals are the only logical solution here. Winning or losing, the Blues are always attacking, and that opens up a possibility for high-efficiency. Also, the additional reason why to bet on goals are Tottenham’s results, where we see that Mourinho’s crew also posts entertaining performances. Both teams have better attacks than defenses, therefore over 2.5 goals is the No.1 choice. BetXChange set the odds for this pick at 0.61. If you want to bet on the final outcome, it would be wise to know that Mourinho knows how Lampard thinks and that Tottenham looked better in currently. Because of that, hosts’ win is more realistic than anything else in this contest. Odds on that are at 1.43, which is a good deal. If you aren’t certain in this pick either, a double chance, Tottenham, or draw should be clear all the doubt. This tip is priced at 0.46.


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