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The Japanese Formula 1 takes place on Sunday 9th October 2016 at Suzuka Circuit, Japan. In recent years there has been an increasing number of Japanese sponsors in Formula One racing as well as greater interest within Japan. Nowhere in the world are the fans more well-informed or passionate.

Suzuka Circuit is 50 kilometres south west of Nagoya, Japan’s third largest city, and is popular amongst drivers. The track is owned by Honda and was originally built in 1962 as a test track for its road cars and motorbikes.

The practice round will take place on Friday 7th and the qualifying round on Saturday 8th October.

So who stands a chance of winning the F1 Japanese Grand Prix?

1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes). With his title hopes blown in the Malaysian Grand Prix, he will be more determined to win than ever.
Betting odds of 11/10

2. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes). Rosberg has a 23-point advantage with a maximum of 125 points still available, after his team-mate, Hamilton, blew out of the race.
Betting odds of 18/10

3. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull Racing). Winner of the recent Malaysian Grand Prix.
Betting odds of 6/1

4. Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing). Verstappen had looked strongly-placed before Hamilton’s failure and the VSC period, but ultimately crossed the line as the second Red Bull, following his teammate Ricciardo. A great race for Red Bull, can they do it again?
Betting odds of 8/1

5. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari). After being given a three-place grid penalty at the Japanese Grand Prix, after causing a first corner crash in Malaysia, Vettels chances of a win seem slim.
Betting odds of 20/1

Place your bets on the F1 Japanese Grand Prix.

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