The Formula 1 season kicks off this weekend in Bahrain. Max Verstappen is the reigning champion, and the Dutch driver wants to defend his title and establish a new era in this sport, the one in which he plays the main role.

However, other drivers disagree with Verstappen and have plans of their own. Lewis Hamilton says he isn’t going anywhere and seeks revenge for last year’s defeat in the title battle. Ferrari and their duo Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are also in the mix, particularly Leclerc, who feels confident ahead of this campaign. George Russell needs to be counted in too, so this might be one of the most exciting championships in the past several years.

Bahrain GP Preview

The Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, as it is called officially, lasts for 57 laps and is more than 308 kilometers long. Long, straight sequences mixed with complex and nasty curves make the circuit, and vehicles with stronger engines usually have an edge. Though hostile weather conditions usually have a high impact on the performances, which makes the race even more enjoyable.

From what we saw during the practices, Red Bull looked solid. Sergio Perez had several masterful displays, while Verstappen obviously kept his vehicle on 70%. Ferrari looked competitive, but as always, that won’t be the key to their success but the strategy, which has been rather poor these several years. Leclerc should finally show that he isn’t only a talented driver but a true championship contender, otherwise, we just might see Sainz taking over the leading position inside the team.

Lewis Hamilton looked highly motivated in the first two training sessions, and he showed excellent speed. Yet, Mercedes had some glitches, meaning that the vehicle’s stability will be the biggest problem for the Silver Arrows.

Previous Races

Bahrain Grand Prix has been a part of the F1 calendar since 2004. Only in 2011, we didn’t see a race, and the most successful driver here has been Lewi Hamilton, with five wins. Sebastian Vettel has four, and Fernando Alonso has three.

When it comes to constructors, Ferrari posted seven triumphs, Mercedes one fewer. Last year Charles Leclerc took the top spot on the podium, while his team colleague, Carlos Sainz Jr., ended second. Lewis Hamilton was third.


Ferrari likes this circuit, and that’s obvious when looking at the history here. Leclerc was confident in 2022, and the fact that Sainz reached second place is proof of our claim. The primary battle will be between them and Red Bull, but due to the history, our pick would be Leclerc. The driver from Monte Carlo is fired up before the start of the campaign and from what we saw during the preseason, the Prancing Horse looks much better. Therefore we are going with Leclerc.

If you want another pick, a bit riskier but more profitable, check this out. Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin might be the biggest surprise of the year. They are far from the title race in any of the categories, but we could see them on the podiums frequently. That’s why we want to try Alonso to reach the first three places in this event.

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