The Dutch Grand Prix is making its comeback after a 36-year pause. The last race here was back in 1985, and to the delight of all the Dutch F1 fans, the Circuit Zandvoort will host the Formula caravan once again. Per various experts, this track has several pretty unusual places in its configuration, and they are sure it will only make the race even more exciting.

The competition between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen reached its peak a long time ago, and the tension between these two is at the highest possible level. Neither of them likes the other, and we could say that the mutual respect pretty much vanished.ย 

Max has the crowd behind him, and to be honest, he is the biggest reason why F1 got back to the Netherlands. Otherwise, we are confident that Zandvoort wouldn’t host the caravan.


Verstappen won the pole today, leaving Hamilton behind for 0.038, and triggering the eruption of joy in and around the stands. The fans were in ecstasy following the finish, because Max took over the lead in the closing moments of the event.ย 

Saturday’s program was interrupted twice because of crashes, the first one being George Russell’s and the second Nicholas Latifi’s.ย 

This was the sixth time in the past seven races that Verstappen wins the pole position, showing that, in fact, Red Bull has a very good tempo and that overall, Max has the edge over Hamilton ever since Monaco. Until that point, Hamilton had three wins, Verstappen one, and after that, the situation was completely the opposite, with the young Dutch taking four triumphs and the Brit only one.

Today’s training showed that the track’s configuration suits both guys and that we might expect to see a very interesting battle. The one thing that might work in Hamilton’s favor here is that he has Valtteri Bottas right behind Verstappen, who might help his teammate. Though, that is questionable because the Fin isn’t in such good relations with the champ.

Alpha Tauri’s Pierre Gasly was fourth, and if you remember, this guy had the fastest lap at the Hungarian Grand Prix, meaning that his machine is in good shape right now.

Ferrari’s duo is fifth and sixth, and that is a kind of relief for the Prancing Horse’s fans, as they used to have disastrous display’s during the qualifiers throughout the season. Even though this isn’t what they wanted, we can say that Ferrari had a solid day.ย 

These guys are pretty much all those who could be important in our preview. Still, for the sake of professionality, we will mention the remaining names in the top ten of today’s qualifiers – Giovinazzi, Ocon, Alonso, and Ricciardo.


This is a very tough contest to predict, but in our opinion, Max has a nice chance to win. We are always giving the advantage to the driver who appears at home, which is the case now. Plus, we think Verstappen’s Red Bull is better and better as the season goes by. With all due respect to Mercedes, we haven’t seen them respond following Verstappen’s rise after Monte Carlo, which is why we suggest betting on Max’s win here.ย 

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