If you are caught up in rugby fever and would like to place a bet on a rugby match but not sure how to get started, then read this guide that will take you through the step by step rugby betting process.

1. Go to www.betxchange.co.za

2. If you already have an account with BetXchange click Login, if not click Register an account and fill in the correct details.

3. Remember you can only start betting if you have funds in your account, so before you begin Click on My Account and Deposit in order to do so.

4. Once on the dashboard of the site, click on 2015 IRB World Cup. You will now be on a page that gives you the options of Betting on

Todays Events – these are either IRB World Cup Matches, IRB World Cup Outrights or IRB World Cup Spreads
Current Events – these are either IRB World Cup Matches, IRB World Cup Outrights or IRB World Cup Spreads
Future and Outright Events

5. Click on the plus sign on the right hand side of the event you want to bet on, click on the type that appears underneath.

6. Let’s say for example you chose IRB World Cup Matches under Current Event and are looking at betting on the Samoa versus Scotland game.

7. You will now be on a screen that says Sports and two dropdown columns appear, the one is Filtering by Bet type:


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This menu gives you a list of all the various events that happen in the match that you can bet on. The right hand side drop down menu “View odds as:” is where you are able to choose either decimal or fractional odds. I like to work on fractional odds so have chosen this option.

8. Let’s say you choose to bet on the First Score of the Game – click on this option and the following screen will appear:


The first score has been divided into Try, Penalty or Drop Goal by either side. You will also see that there are columns with current, previous and opening odds. This allows you the chance to see how the betting odds have changed since the markets opened.

The three blue buttons on the right hand side are where you place your bets.

BET – This is for a single bet (Only one can be chosen per market)
MPL – This is for a multiple bet
SMPL – This is for a special multiple bet

9. Let’s say you choose Scotland Try BET. Your betting slip will now appear on the right hand side. Set your stake, I chose R10 and click Submit. The following screen will now appear: bet-ticket

10. This ticket now appears in my betting slip as such:


11. Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the game, or place another bet. Should your bet be correct, the money will be paid into your BetXchange account.

Rugby Betting Guide

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