Lewis Hamilton confirmed his domination in Formula 1 caravan this season. The Brittish driver won for the sixth time in this campaign, now in France.

At the famous Paul Ricard circuit, Hamilton finished the race in front of his teammate Valtteri Bottas and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc.

Hamilton’s time was 1:24:31.198. Bottas was behind 18.056s, slightly ahead of Leclerc who was 0.929s slower.

Red Bull’s driver Max Verstappen was fourth, while Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari ended the race as fifth.

The reigning champions from Mercedes started very well, and kept the pole-position he earned during yesterday’s qualifiers. Leclerc tried to go around Bottas but failed, same as Verstappen who attempted to pass Ferrari’s younger driver.

Vettel meanwhile stayed at No.7, which was his starting position.

As time went by, Hamilton slowly started to get away from his teammate, who lacked the speed to challenge the Brit. Vettel was fifth as he jumped over Sainz and Norris. The German had problems with the front left tire at one point, and after his pit stop, he came back on track in the fifth place.

The race was solved already then, and there wasn’t anything spectacular when talking about the first few places. Vettel wanted to have the fastest lap and have an extra point, which is why he went into the box two laps before the end. Eventually, he managed to get that.

In the last lap, Leclerc attacked Bottas, who somehow denied his push and stayed second.

Lewis Hamilton now has 187 points, and is first in the drivers’ standings. Valtteri Bottas is second with 151, while Vettel has 111. Max Verstappen is fourth with 100.

Mercedes is far ahead of Ferrari in constructors’ championship with 338 points, while the Italian manufacturer has 198. Red Bull is third with 136 points.

Next race is in Austria on June 30.


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