Winning the lottery is, no doubt, almost every person’s dream. A huge amount of cash coming your way for simply buying a ticket… it’s ideal. However, chances of winning of very slim, which is why lottery betting (betting on the outcome of the lottery) has become very popular over the last few years. Statistically there are steps you can take to bring you just a little bit closer to winning, although it’s important to realise there is never any sure way to win when it comes to lottery betting.

If you’re new to lottery betting, then essentially this is how it works: you get to select a set of numbers, including a bonus number and submit your bet. Then you wait for the winning numbers to be called, and either you win on the predicted outcome or not. To get you nearer to that goal, here are a few lottery betting tips to try.

Lottery Betting

1. Don’t just go for the big jackpot

When the lottery reaches a vast amount, all the news media outlets will advertise the fact, which means just one thing: everyone is going out to buy a ticket as well as betting on the outcome. With more people betting on the lottery, the lower your odds are of winning.  Rather focus your lottery betting energy on the more obscure jackpot wins.

2. Drawing shapes doesn’t help

One technique that has gained popularity, with no real basis in strategy, is the drawing of patterns on a lottery betting ticket and selecting numbers that make up that pattern. This may limit the numbers you choose to bet on and also requires you to actually buy a lottery ticket. It may look visually appealing, but is not a great way to go about betting on the lottery.

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3. No fortune tellers

When big lottery winnings are at stake, people will go to any manner of lengths to secure their chances. The traditional lottery ‘gurus’ such as psychics, astrologists, palm readers and fortune tellers are no more than charlatans looking to make a quick buck. If they could predict the lottery numbers, why would they be sharing them with you? The same applies to lottery betting, don’t fall for the “guru’s”.

4. Avoid picking consecutive numbers

There’s a misconception that any combination of numbers has just a good a chance of winning the lottery as any other combination of numbers. This just isn’t true. Studies show that winning lottery numbers often range between 104 and 176 in total. They also show the unlikelihood of consecutive numbers taking the lottery. When betting, it’s not a bad idea to generate random number combinations to give you a good chance of betting on the correct outcome.

5. Don’t just select ‘lucky’ numbers

While certain numbers might hold a particular place of importance for you, the reality is that most lucky numbers are shared by many people. A common mistake in lottery betting is choosing birthdays, because this limits your number range to between 1 and 31. By betting on a few numbers higher than 31, you boost your chances of winning on the outcome of the lottery.

6. Be logical

It’s always a sound idea to bet on a good mix of odd and even numbers for any lottery. If you can, look at the past lottery results and find out which numbers have emerged repeatedly in winning combinations. Chances are these numbers might just give you the edge when betting.

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