There’s playing the Lotto and then there’s Lotto Betting where you actually bet on the numbers you think will win. A few online sports betting websites offer the chance for Lotto Betting so not only do you stand a chance to win the actual Lotto but you can also win on betting on the correct numbers, the sequence of numbers, what colour balls will appear and more.

Lotto Betting Tips

We have a look at a few online lotto betting tips below:

1. Bet what you can afford
A very important points, especially when it comes to Lotto Betting is to bet what you can afford. Should you choose to also purchase a lotto ticket at the same time, the amount should be included in this calculation in order to avoid overspending your lotto betting budget for the month. Allocate a particular amount to your lotto betting budget and make sure you don’t over extend this, even if you win on a particular lotto bet. Stick to the budget you decided on.

2. Do your research
It’s important to do your research before you have fun with lotto betting. There are many “experts” out there who claim to know the right numbers to pick on the lotto, but often these predictions are unfounded and false. When we talk about lotto betting research, take a look at where you can get the best odds, where the payouts are best and quickest.

3. Use only registered online sports betting websites
Not all online sports betting websites offer lotto betting and not all websites are registered with their provincial gambling board. Make sure you choose a website that is registered with their provincial gambling board. This ensures that your money and transactions are safe and that any payouts that are owed are made quickly and hassle free. Registered sports betting websites are safe and easy to use and you will be able to contact them 24/7, 365 should the need arise. Keith Ho BetXchange is one such website and offers great betting odds on lotto betting as well as other sports and events.

4. Understand the Lotto Betting markets
There are a variety of lotto betting markets available. These include betting on international lotteries such as the UK, France, Spain, Greece, Japan and more. South African Lotto Betting markets include betting on the Powerball, SA Lucky Odds, Powerball Plus and SA Lucky Odds Plus. Each country’s betting market will have its own system of lotto betting. Investigate which one makes the most sense to you and bet small to begin with.

Lotto Betting is a great way to enjoy the fun of the lottery without buying a lotto ticket. Make sure you know what you are betting on and bet responsibly and within your budget.

Place your lotto bets.

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